Rock and roll bands should all be Republicans – Johnny Ramone

ShareRock and roll, by action and intent, ought to be fundamentally libertarian but most musicians prefer to take a green/left position. Same with most arts, when they get political. How can you carve out a life for yourself being an artistic individual, then turn around and support any kind of governmental incision? Especially one that supports social engineering and a denial of liberty?

That means any and all political parties. There's an Australian Federal election on August 21. I don’t trust Julia or Tony, or their parties, though both come across as likeable people. They like each other, and no matter who wins, the fact that Australia will have a Prime Minister and an Opposition Leader who don’t feel the need to HATE has gotta be a good thing for us.

The ALP and the Liberal/National coalition both have experience in governmental administration, but someone always has to run the Dada flag. The Dadaists loved melodramatic gestures and in their early enthusiasm, it was great fun. But you wouldn’t want them to run a a nation.

The Greens are a Dada-esque political movement. They just don’t know it. Bob Brown, bless his environmental soul, means well, but have you read the policies on their website? Take the economic policy – very little positive mention of free enterprise, but a shitload of government control.

Now, why would you grant control to a government? Governments start wars and cause famines – no corporate entity has ever done that. Okay, W R Hearst had a bit to do with the US-Cuban war of 1904, but Stalin and Mao caused more deaths through agriculture and industry reform than Hitler managed with a horribly industrial approach to ethnic cleansing

If a government has control of the economy, how long before they take control of opinion? It’s all about control and once you cede control in one sense, you have ceded control in every sense.

Governmental economic control has worked out wonderfully, hasn’t it? Let’s see - China gave up economic control and the economy went ballistic. Vietnam gave it up, went from being an importer of rice to world’s third largest rice exporter in a few years. Some nations hung onto a control economy, nations like Cuba, Venezuela, Myanmar and that beacon of socialist glory, North Korea. Yes, great examples, aren’t they?

Any economy works best when you give people the opportunity to make the best of it for themselves. No-one is gonna bust a gut to serve a political class. They will bust a gut to make a better life for themselves and their families. Small business is the engine of the economy.

Climate change – it aint global warming anymore, besides, what’s so important about this 10,000 years, compared to the millions before? If you want to get serious about this shit, speak to a geologist. Thing is, the planet has been going through a cycle for a million years, ten to one in favour of ice ages. We’re 2000 years overdue for another ice age and, early 1970s, the new ice age was the fashionable panic.

What was the carbon footprint of the Copenhagen ‘Summit’? All those VIP jets and limousines, that ended with Barry O getting together for a bunnyhug with 3 or 4 other presidents and coming up with a “promise” to reduce global temps by 2 degrees, surely the ultimate example of hubris in human history.

Seriously, did you believe that? I’m sure Barry did, he will be eternally convinced that his vocal chords – and he is a talented speaker – will be all the world needs. He spoke in such grandiloquent tones to Mahmoud Ahmenidijad, that Mahmoud went home and… Well, I don’t see any recent shortfall in the Iranian nuclear program. There are rock and roll bands in Iran, they play in hidden cellars and risk imprisonment and torture. Those blokes deserve whatever support we can give them. We can start by shouting down the autocratic religious fascists who run their country, every chance we get.

I’ve a cousin who gets $30 an hour working with a climate change professional, she went to Copenhagen (all expenses paid) South America (all expenses paid) Indonesia (all expenses paid) you wouldn’t expect her to express doubts about the climate change consensus, would you? Not with that lifestyle at stake.

We paid for those trips, we pay her salary, it’s all on the governmental tab. You might agree with her point of view, but would you be happy to pay the salary and touring costs of a government functionary touting the benefits of White Australia? Don’t think it’s any different – governments take the money generated by businesses and spend it on their pet projects. Once you give them the opportunity, you’ve lost the chance to choose what they spend it on.

Like biofuel – what a fucking lurk! Ethanol consumes more power in production than it generates. It uses agricultural land that would otherwise produce food, or wipes out virgin rainforest for the same end. Biofuel production led to riots in Mexico because corn, the staple grain, was not being produced in enough quantity to feed people. Oh, isn’t it great to be a rich whitey! Don’t you just love those folks getting around in Pajeros and Landcruisers, from the mall to the school, sporting “I love biofuel” stickers.

It’s government subsidised, too, so you’re paying for it whether you use it or not. Howard introduced it, his coalition partners had a vested interest in the agricultural sector. RPO91 will disappear from NSW next year. I ride a motorcycle, I use very little fuel, take up next to no space on our overly clogged roads, Boadicea, like Phoebe, Freddie and Cheryl and most other bikes my mates ride, runs on RPO91. E10 will fuck her up, I’ll have to retune her to run on RPO95 and pay more for it. Wow, just another great idea from the government.

Talk to a mechanic about E10, or talk to someone that’s run comparative tests. Hey, guess what? Fuel economy with E10 is 10% worse than straight petrol. So, with all the pollution caused by ethanol production, with the stress on food production, we are using, for the sake of our lily white consciences, no less petrol.

Fuck, don’t you feel good? How are we gonna dispose of the batteries in those Priuses when they reach the end of their useful life? Why all the carry on about electric cars, that need to be recharged from the grid, and nary a word about hydrogen power? Hydrogen is the single most common element in the known universe.

Solar & wind do not generate near enough power to work at an industrial level. Nuclear power does, that’s why France can talk about cutting back on coal, they have a higher percentage of nuclear power in the grid than any other nation. China is building 800 times Australia’s overall capacity every year in brown coal-fuelled power stations, so why should we screw ourselves for an unproven ideal?

New Zealand instituted a carbon tax, power charges tripled. Do the well-to-do salaried middle class, safe in well-paid jobs, care about the working class living from week to week? No, they don’t like them, they don’t know them and don’t want to know them. Neither do they care about small businesses being sent broke, and they already profess hatred of big business (those that employ a lot of people and pay a lot of tax, regardless of how much they avoid – their employees pay tax) so would think it a victory to send those jobs to China (thus applying more usage to the afore-mentioned unregulated power system).

The Dadaists love grand gestures. They don’t give a shit for reality. The tragedy is, they rarely give a shit for the working class. They really don’t like them. I’ve worked among both, the salaried class look down their noses at wage-earners, think them uncouth and, need they talk to them, they are stupidly patronising. The wage-earners are not enamoured of the salaried. But on the whole, they have an honesty and decency about them. Whether my green painted toenails, my Pollocked jeans or long dyed hair, they’d make a joke and we’d laugh. The salaried class looked at me out of the corner of their collective eye and whispered behind my back.

If you live in Australia, you have a choice on Saturday 21 August. You might look at the ALP or the Coalition and think “corrupt parasites” and you may well be right. At least they have administrative experience. But if you then look at the Greens and think “Golly, there’s a trustworthy bunch!” you are fooling yourself. Politicians are politicians, they all get into it so they can grab the chance to tell the rest of us how we ought to behave and those who seize the moral high ground and holler in voices shrill will be the first to introduce laws and regulations to further trammel our rights.

Rock and roll was never meant to be about hero worship or social control. It’s about taking on your rights as a free man or free woman, and, with that, taking responsibility for your actions.