Posted November 23, 2005

(ED: The following will only make sense to Australians - and maybe a few Indonesians who follow
court cases involving models caught holding drugs at Balinese dance parties)


I'll bet an helluva lotta guys, and not a few girls, envisioned that. But settle back and think about it.

Here's an anorexic fashion model, rich, beautiful (so some would say) and thick as fucking pigshit. Jehovah's fucking witness, imagine having to listen to the tawdry crap that she'd spew forth as an excuse for conversation. Doubtless, you'd be thinking of how you might stop her talking...

But that apparently paralysed upper lip wouldn't serve much purpose.

Anyway, point is that Michelle's rich and (allegedly) beautiful and well connected. Dig the carry on in the Murdoch tabloid press about the 'Drug Model' (as if she's a rare example thereof, oh, spare me!) about her cynical use of the burqa, the hijab, etc, all of this coming from columnists who've used a lot of column inches to dump all over such things in the name of our glorious white Aussie lifestyle.

Well, yes and indeed. A secular hedonistic lifestyle is vastly preferable to one based around the teachings of a paedophile rapist.

Still, anyone with half a brain and any appreciation of public relations would have figured months back that Michelle had a sharp team who had learnt from the travails of Schapelle and the so-called Bali Nine (poor dumb fuckers that they are) and made the most of it.

Did you really believe that an underwear model was a Muslim?

One could get all worked up over the hypocrisy of the media, but they're just doing their job. Selling newspapers. The real point of the whole Michelle Leslie saga is that it doesn't matter whether you've done right or wrong, it's how you handle it that counts.

That's life in the media-saturated 21st century world we live in. Nothing's good nor bad, only thinking makes it so.

Now, the Barman has asked me for a Top Ten. Of what, he didn't specify, so I'll just spin out ten cool things, in no particular order:

- doing the twisting, much patched, Bucketts Way at 75mph, in the wet

- The Hives at the Metro in January

- the AFL Grand Final (the high point of 2005, especially if you'd seen the Swans in '93)

- dropping my first trip in over 10 years at the second "Come Together Festival"

- Louise, but it's a long story

- The Gimmies at the Empire

- reading some great crime fiction

- my flatmate buying a digital projector, so we can watch movies on a 2m wide screen

- Radio Birdman at the Yallah woolshed

- drinking with the girls.

It's a good life. Indeed, any day you wake up breathing is a good day. Sure beats the shit out of the alternative. As Paul Westerberg sang "a good day is any day that you're alive."

This life is all we got, folks, don't waste it bitching and moaning. Have a good time, all the time.



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