THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS TOUR EP 2005 – Kamikaze Trio/The Cants/The Specimens

This is a promo to push a national tour (well, half the nation) by three of the up-and-comers on the Melbourne scene. You’d be well advised to get your arse along to one of the gigs where, presumably, they might just be giving out or selling this six-tracker.

I know next to nothing about the Kamikaze Trio, except their number includes both of Digger & The Pussycats’ members and they have an EP on the shelves with an album (“Danger Money”) pending shortly. And that they play tightly-wound, punchy rock and roll with a bass sound that’s pliable enough to bounce coconuts. “Get It Right” (swinging backbeat and an insistent guitar) and the oh-so-catchy “$10 Bill” are here and both are enough of a fresh breath to mark the Trio as a band worthy of further hearing. I now want to knowmore.

The Specimens are onto Album Number Two (“The Quick and the Deaf”) and an incremental advance it is on their debut, especially in production. “Motor City is Burnin’ “ isn’t the MC5 tune but still merits a listen. It’s an album out-take. “Levitate” is here and it’s one of the hit picks from the long-player. Influences like Radio Birdman and AC/DC are writ large. You shouldn’t need much more convincing.

Caught The Cants live on a Stems support in Sydney and, to these ears, they seemed a little too slick to fit on that bill. The two tunes here (“Alright” and “Not Cool Enough”) right that impression and flag the forthcoming “Melbourne Vampires” album as another one to watch out for. "Not Cool Enough" clearly is ("I'm not cool enough for you/Enrol me in your school of cool") with a singlaong chorus and a touch of menace. The Cants conjure up a space for themselves somewhere between straight-up rock-pop and ‘60s garage clatter. Detroit’s Jim Diamond apparently produced their upcoming disc. Not a bad fella to have in your corner.

In case you were wondering, that’s ‘70s/’80s Aussie comedy paring Paul Hogan and Strop on the cover. Not sure which’s one young and who’s restless and maybe “The Surgically Altered and The Filthy Rich and Retired” might have been more to the point. It doesn’t detract from the fact that this is a nice little taster from a label not afraid to have a go. Can’t complain about an EP that leaves ‘em wanting more. – The Barman