MICROMINITURELOVE - Micheal Yonkers (Sub Pop)
Man, the '60s was a pretty weird and cool time. Socially we had the sexual revolution, drugs, baby boomers, rock n roll. The world has changed so much in the last 100 years it ain't funny, and at the epicentre of the last 100 dynamic years of change is the' 60s. While we have set up the next few thousand years culturally, economically and politically within the last 100 years, but the '60’s is the hinge. People will look back in 10,000 years time and say “Man, the 20th century was a fuckin' killer, those suckers musta been fucked up”.

Sixties music has been mined so much over the last 20 years - so many reissues, so many obscure comps, hey i buy as many as I can, I can dig it, see. When serial killers were big in the early '90s on film and literature i watched a doco on the TV about real serial killers in America and they pinned down the head of behavioural science and asked him why the fuck were men roaming around killing other people and he says: “It was simply to much change, a lot of change had taken place socially politically and economically over the last 100 years and cracks were bound to appear”. Cracks, huh? Well it ain't just serial killers that cracked. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present "cultural crack" - Michael Yonkers and band.

This guy totally captures the '60s for me in present times upon reflection: Trying to have a cool time within a weird era on a LOT of acid, - a bad combination some would say. When I listen to a classic song like "Microminiture Love" with lyrics like...

Tick tock tick tock
Tick tock tik tock
Tik tock tik tock tock tock
Sound the horn and ring the bell
Heaven's turning into hell
Life is turning into death |
I ’m struggling for every breath

... I can almost smell the acid coming out of his skin.

Listening to this CD, and the sound , so stark and pure, is perfectly suited. I was blown away by this guy and the band and songs. I had heard people mention him but hadn't heard any music (hey it's hard to hear every thing) this stuff is like the Rocket From The Tombs of the '60s.

This is my favourite '60s reissue of the last 10 years easy, and there have been hundreds. I aint no expert on Micheal Yonkers band and there is stuff out there in web-land. Read up if you want, but make sure you get this. - Ashley Thomson