AUDIO EROTIC FIDELITY - The White Swallows (self released)
Some say there are too many two-piece bands around these days. There's one less now, following the recent demise of the Lee County Killers, but really, who gives a shit? The more the merrier, as long as they‚ve got something to say.

Sad as the Killers' end makes me, I still say fuck them Black Keys & Fiery Furnaces. But I'm glad The White Swallows, Perth's entrants into this booming market, have finally put something down on CD so we can all hear what the good folk of WA have been enjoying live and up close for a couple of years.

Regardless of the fact that their name may be derived from prison sex practices, this debut CD is a magnificent celebration of boy-wants-girl, trashy, distorted three chord rock. It's all pretty groin-level, swampy, dirty stuff, as you'd expect from one of the guys who co-wrote the Scientists classic "Swampland". (That'd be Kim Williams). Apparently the whole deal started as a way to help him pay off his mortgage - it may well pay off in spades.

The influences cited on the press release that I got mention the Gun Club, Cramps Dirtbombs & Nuggets. The evidence is plain to hear in the titles- "Satanic Witch", "Sweet Mephistophele" and "Straw Blond Hellhound" , for instance, let alone in the grooves, and all highlight a warped sense of non-feminist, pro-guitar humour that over time may well make this a gutter rock classic.

Think I'd need to see them live to get the full personal impact of their dirty R & R salvation tent show, but this'll do til then.
- TJ Honeysuckle