TWARM GUNS - Warm Guns (Mere Noise Records)
In an industry that lives and breathes genealogical association, and gratuitous (not to mention occasionally tenuous) artistic linkages, the most obvious fact to note about the Warm Guns is that it includes Kelly Lloyd from Screamfeeder.

Having dispensed with that background detail, it’s safe to move onto The Warm Guns as a distinct musical entity. The Warm Guns are a band that wouldn’t exist but for the power packed motor vehicular styled guitar action of the1960s; the opening track, "Even If I Could", on the band’s eponymous debut album is proof positive of that historical context. Fast, furious, anthemic and a spirited blend of keyboards and fuzz rock riffs, it sets a pace that sucks you in like a cyclist slip streaming behind a Mack truck.

But the Warm Guns aren’t a 60s band – they’re a rock band with an ear for the pleasures of rock’n’roll in its most entertaining form. Bullet for Stu is LA punk with a garage pop inflection, a style continued and enhanced on the antipodean Go-Gos bounce of "Breakdown". "Irene Ballstein" is possibly too deep and dark to preserve continuity, but "Mr Sleaze" has a bluesy, bruisin’ and boozin’ quality that evokes the spirit of Aretha Franklin – and a Stax era guitar solo to cuddle up to and caress.

"Wanna Meetcha" didn’t make too much of an impression, but "Turkey Neck" hit the mark like a grain fed fowl seasoned with the tastiest Cajun spices. Finally, there’s "Suck My Cockney", a song that's either metaphor, parody or just silly – but is pop with danceable artistic merit.

There’s something intangibly good – no more, no less – about music that evokes a spirit of fun and enjoyment. The Warm Guns have got plenty of that.
- Patrick Emery