TIMES COME - Warmer (Half a Cow)
Sydney group Warmer seem to have staked a place in local alt.country-meets-indie-pop and their reputation is only enhanced on their CD-EP "Time Comes".

Warmer's easy-going pop will draw favourable comparison to the likes of American acts Sparklehorse, Scud Mountain Boys and Wilco, as well as Australian acts The Wagons and The Rectifiers.

This is an eight-tracker that follows earlier releases "A Prayer for Soft Honey" and "The Cat's Meow". Warmer is led by John
Encarnacao (ex-Godstar/Bernie Hayes Quartet), with other notable Sydney musos Michael Carpenter and Michael O'Regan (ex-Intercontinental Playboys) appearing alongside guests such as J Walker (ex-Machine Translations), Jen Cloher, Mandy Pearson (ex-Love Me) and actor Zoe Carides.

Several of the songs are out-takes from earlier releases like the easygoing "Time's Come to Let Go", the lazy and mellow "Clear Light" and "Song of the Furies" from "The Cat's Meow". The mid-tempo "Where Were You" comes from "A Prayer for Soft Honey".

"Time Comes" also includes the band's takes on Bjork's "Hyperballad," which features guest vocals from Zoe Carides, and the late Eliott Smith's "Say Yes".

"Times Come" will impress anyone seeking laidback Sunday arvo sounds. - Simon Li