WE DON'T BELONG HERE - Violent Soho (Emergency/MGM)
Ahh, now this is more like it!! It’s an interesting process, isn’t it? Take the same few chords, coupla rhythms, fairly narrow range of tempo, plug the same few guitars into the same few amplifiers – in a technical sense, the range of options available to a rock and roll band aren’t so huge. Yet within this limited range, the volume of what you can do with it is astounding.

I’s the nature of the artistic process. You can do a helluva lot with a sheet of canvas, a paintbrush and a few tubes of oilpaint.

Violent Soho hail from Brisbane, the city that a few years ago seemed a bottomless pit of great bands who all proceeded to die in the arse around the same time. Maybe it’s the semi-tropical weather, maybe some vestigial madness that finds expression in white-shoed retirees pining for the days of Joh, whatever the fuck it is, this is yet more evidence that Brisbane has a remarkable capacity for producing rock and roll bands that hit it undeniably hard and wrap some twist inside it that holds your attention, keeps you listening.

The variation in styles throughout this album reflects the few years and several studios it took to get this much together. It’s down, it’s up, there are tracks with great dynamic range, rhythmic shifts, stuff like ‘My Generation’ which is a potential hit in the Vines mould, only better. There is a cynical sense of humour and bitterness lurking inside a line like “My generation lives in moderation” or “Jesus stole my girlfriend.”

I really hope Violent Soho have it in them to keep at it, to make another record. There is a shitload of potential in this band that deserves to be explored. So much so, that this brain-damaged recluse will actually creep out of the attic and go catch them next time they’re in town. - Earl O'Neill