III IN THE EYES OF FIRE - Unearth (Metal Blade Records)
Unearth is the exception in today’s generic radio-friendly metalcore, with songs that are injected with raw emotion rather than the ever so popular commercial mainstay.

“A lot of our friends who used to be in kick-ass metal and hardcore bands are adding these pop choruses now for no reason,” says frontman Trevor Phipps. “I think they’re making the same mistakes that all the bands in the early ‘90s made when metal turned to complete horseshit. They’re totally watering down their tunes to sell more records. We’re just trying to prove that bands can still sell records and tour and have a career by making a heavy fucking record.”

Despite the insurmountable pressure Unearth was under, recording this album in merely seven weeks, “III: In the Eyes of Fire” is perfection at its finest. Although working with legendary producer Terry Date (Pantera, White Zombie, Soundgarden), Unearth remains humble, consistently staying true to themselves, their fans, and their music.

Needless to say, this album is well mixed—an addict for Susi and Mcgrath’s speedy riffs,  Maggard’s thick bass, Justian’s precisely blistering drums, and Phipps' throat wrenching vocals, I had this album in loop for two weeks straight.

Unearth proves to be one of the top Metal bands of the year with just one listen to “III: In the Eyes of Fire.” Every song on the album is powerful, combining classic metal with a hardcore edge. I highly recommend this album to any metal or hardcore fan—raw force ignites intensity unmatched by any metal release this year.
- Roya Butler