LIVE AT SHELTER - Teengenerate (Bop! Records)
Seminal Japanese band Teengenerate - whose heyday was during an era where seemingly American grunge¡ ruled and whose few garage/punk trash allies numbered few but included the likes of The New Bomb Turks and The Devil Dogs, - returned briefly for two reuniuon shows in Australia recently. The 16-track re-issue of "Live at Shelter" (previously on Target Earth Records) shows the band's incredible live prowess and live manic energy as it had never had been documented previously.

The tracklisting recalls that of "Smash Hits" on Estrus Records and Get Action (on Crypt). There's a live introduction by Mike Lucas and the band tears into "Get Me Back" and "Mess Me Up" as the band quite relentlessly slashes and burns. Vocalist/guitarist Fink understandably wrestles with the English language but fans can hardly begrudge that when he and his band shows such incredible punk energy.

Original compositions such as "1979", "Dressed in Black", "Sex Cow" and classics "Feel Alright" and "Let's Get Hurt" follow in lightning quick succession. Unlike The Ramones and their many copyists, the obligatory 1-2-3-4 count-in is absent. It might astound that such a band could tear through a set with barely a pause. Here's live proof.

Covers of the Andy Gortler (ex-Devil Dogs) penned "My GTO", the rock 'n' roll classic "Hippy Hippy Shake" and The Zeros' "Wild Weekend" are also included and performed here with the same energy as their originals.

Teengenerate's "Live at Shelter" confirms what fans of the band who never saw them live assumed; few acts could ever
hope to match their no-frills but manic live energy. For the others who dismiss this kind of timeless garage/punk trash and the greatness of Teengenerate, well this'll be forever lost on them. - Simon Li