NOTHING IS REAL - Take 21 (3Wise/Chatterbox)
Teenagers, still, Take 21 have that ‘New Rock’ kinda sound. Throw one of their tracks into a compilation disc or give this EP a spin at a party and everyone would happily agree that they sound like an agreeable bunch.

But listen to it about six times in 8 days, including a bizarre 42 hour stretch fuelled by naught but coffee, beer and cigarettes and you start to wonder. They’re ‘nice guys’ – “Be warned, he doesn’t love you. I love you.” Aw gee, they’re such sensitive young types aren’t they? Hint for ya kids, the hottest babes dig alpha males. When was the last time you saw a boofhead footy player with a scrubber on his arm, eh? I’ll bet Take 21 know lotsa girls who say shit like “I really like you as a friend.”

Take 21 aren’t boofheads. They’re not much of anything, really. Musically proficient, yeah, neat arrangements, nice recorded sound, all that, but precious little in the way of identity, individual style, by now it just sounds like any collection of emoish kinda bands, those guitar sounds, those melodies, that medium-fast pace, chanted backing vox of the “Who can you trust, what is real” variety.

Teenagers may well love it. And, being teens themselves, Chris, Mick, Andy and Jordo have a scope to grow. But if they lived next door to me, I’d be spiking their Sunday arvo rehearsal softdrinks. They could really do with a touch of the Courtney Love about ‘em. - Earl O'Neill