PARDON THE SOLAR INTERRUPTION - Secret Pop Band (Don’t Talk Records)
Many write ups of albums are often just about the music. This write up is about initial reaction reforming into a final sentiment. As "Pardon The Solar Interruption" is an album by the power-poppers the Secret Pop Band, and it is a record that can be described as your first hit of a cigarette in which its initial taste makes you not get the point of the addiction. However, after a number of listens the tunes will settle in your mind like your first cigarette carton, in which you are so very hooked.

Depending on your mood and perception, the method of the Secret Pop Band is either very affecting or quite ordinary. Even after this music writer has listened to the album a few times, I still sometimes find myself drastically changing my opinion. However, when the hooks hit me in the right mindset they wrap around my feelings like a new found love.

This Washington D.C. based band may sound a bit like Cheap Trick in the form of frontman J. Forte’s clear-throated vocals; they easily stick in your head as if they were honey in a bee hive. However, the Secret Pop Band also have a sort of mainstream sheen to them and are much more poppy than powerful unlike that seminal ancestor.

Honestly, this is what initially turned me off, since I am just not the biggest fan of what could be considered as slightly watered down rock n‘ roll. You see, "Pardon the Solar Interruption" is almost too poppy for comfort, as there is not much rock in its sound, and it is the kind of music that is fit for mainstream radio. Yet, when the walls to my underground worshipping taste crumbled, I actually came away very satisfied.

Secret Pop Band’s style is quiet and subdued, but very introspective and thoughtful. The hooks are numerous and the catchiness will get inbetween your ears if you’re not careful. Lastly, a sense of lighthearted emotion is also prominent.

The lyrics may seem simplistic, but oftentimes emotion in music is not made just out of words. Instead, it is often about presentation. There is something about how these lyrics are sung along with the harmonious tone to the instruments that moved me to a feeling of elation.

Emotion is what music and art is truly about. In music it is the ability to change someone’s whole perception and mood during the span of a mere few minutes. The Secret Pop Band is one of those few bands that makes me feel joyful without instead feeling corny.

Even if "Pardon the Solar Interruption" may be flawed in the way that it feels a bit homogenized, I also realized that sometimes the moments that it didn’t affect me were rather those exact moments that I didn’t open up my heart and soul to let the Secret Pop Band free my mind.- Nick Schwab




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