I had my introduction to the trash hillbilly country punk mix (or as they call it “cuntry music”) played by Sydney City Trash when they supported Johnny Casino’s Easy Action at The Lansdowne – they delivered a high energy set of very Aussie tongue in cheek tunes – much to the punters’ delight.

The line-up of Sydney City Trash consists of three guys who originally hail from Tamworth and a couple of Sydney lads. Mitch Hell on vocals, Paddy on Acoustic Guitar, Brownz on Telecaster (hellacaster), Jim Bones on fiddle and didge, Pig on Bass and ABW Howie II on drums.

The EP kicks off with the track Cuntry a hillbilly stomper pouring bucket loads of shit on the commercial country music industry and featuring the lyric “we took the O out of country”. This is followed up by a couple more fast hillbilly numbers, "Battlers" and "Scrub Pub", both delivered in an Ocker accent with tongue firmly in cheek.

Track 4, God Save the Queen kicks back the pace a bit starting with a didgeridoo and a simple fiddle and guitar line. This political statement takes firm aim at the monarchy and our British convict heritage; featuring the chorus: “God Save the Queen – I think fucking not, and I pray every day in hell may she rot”.

Next up is "Trash from SC", which sounds like Johnny Cash on speed and is an ode to being a punk in Sydney, drinkin, fightin, rootin and sticking it to Melbourne.

"Without You" follows – a Hank Williamesque little ditty about love and whiskey, great chorus: “I don’t want to live without you, I don’t want to start again. You were my redemption in my life lived in sin. And if we’d died tomorrow I think you’d know it well, that while you’d see the best of heaven I would rot in hell, without you.”

Justice is another of the slower numbers about a farmer going on a killing spree after the bank took his farm away.
The pace picks up to full throttle again for Heaven for Outlaws, an ode to a few country greats and the SC Trash lifestyle, “There’s got to be a heaven for outlaws, filled with whiskey, pot, cocaine and whores. And Waylon and the DAC Willie, Merle and Johnny Cash will be waiting there to sing a long with me”.

The EP closes with "Whiskey in the Sun", a white trash anthem about a few country punks living their life in Sydney and has the great sing-along chorus “I’m Aussie born and raised, still I dream of Chevrolets. And drinking whiskey in the sun. All my friends are rednecks and I guess that I’m white trash ‘cause my idea of heaven is a beer with Johnny Cash”.

"Classic Cuntry Hits from Beyond the Grave" is a fine disk to spin and sit down for a few drinks with – sing along to, rail against the world and smile to. Lots of working class (or unemployed class), politically incorrect, tongue in cheek and profane fun to be had here.

Further info on this bunch of reprobates can be found at a nice little website that is worth a peek and it's where you can order their EP and merchandise. - Richard Sharman