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Okay, this comes out of left field. Why review a long out of print of CD re-release of the long out of print Voxx LP and singles of some band you never even heard of? I’ll get around to telling you that in a minute. After you read this you will want a copy and I know it’s available as MP3 downloads from Amazon so I’m counting that as another re-issue. Bear that in mind while I prepare to raise your enthusiasm.

Look, there are a couple of items that I’ve been hunting on the internet. I’ll do a weekly scan of the usual suspect sites. This has been on the top of my list for years and finally a copy showed up for under forty bucks US. Hand me that debit card, I’m going in! I sat on the doorstep awaiting the postman. Finally the disc came and was I disappointed? No. Expectations exceeded and trampled.

“It’s About Time” is one of the most influential albums ever recorded. The story goes that not many people bought the first Velvet Underground album when it came out but everyone who did formed a band. The same can be said of the Misfit’s “Walk among Us”. When the Pandoras unleashed their version of girl group sixties garage loose upon the world, a precious few people sat up and paid attention. I think they’re all in bands and they’ve either copied, stolen from or just plain adored the Pandoras.

The CD begins with the band’s first single “Hot Generation”. Many of you will know it as a song by Sixties Australian band the Sunsets sometimes covered by the Celibate Rifles. It was also used as the theme song in the film “Satan’s Sadists”. The latter is no doubt how the Pandoras first heard it.

These days you’ll hear covers by the Dollsquad, the’s and 54 Nude Honeys and there is no doubt about where they copped it. I’ve even heard Rob Younger say that when the New Christs cover “Hot Generation” it is the Pandoras and not the Sunsets to whom they tip their collective hats. If you judge a band by who follows in their footsteps, I know you’ve begun to hunt down a copy as we speak.

Listening to the first Booby Traps album and you’ll be pretty sure that Carrie and Brigette both carry copies of the Pandoras’ LP in place of a teddy bear. You may argue that the Pandoras freely lift riffs, verses and chorus from the Standels, the Leaves and the Chocolate Watch Band. (Who all freely stole from the Yardbirds and the Stones who stole from…) You may criticize the Pandoras for their later decline into hard rock territory. You cannot escape how good this album is. Listen to the wailing vocals, the crashing drums and the jangling guitars.

If, however, you are going to download the disc, don’t bother downloading the bonus radio interview unless you want to listen to five minutes of simulated masturbation and singing along to Monkees’ records. Actually, when I write it like that it sounds better than it actually is. I give you fair warning. - Bob Short



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