OLD SKARS & UPSTARTS 505 - Various Artists (Disaster Records)
 Legendary skateboarder Duane Peters has yet again picked the crème de la crème of punk rock in this lineup which includes: Bad Lieutnants, Die Hunns, Briefs, Prima Donna, The Bones, Angel City Outcasts, Turbonegro, Black Halos, Epoxies, The Lizzies, Ducky Boys, U.S. Bombs, The District, Amazombies, Mad Sin, Street Dogs, River Boat Gamblers, The Deep Eynde, The Duane Peters Gunfight, Civet, The Addicts, The Worthless, The Skulls, Hollow Points, Blood For Blood, Roger Miret & The Disasters, The Stitches, The Orphans, R.X. Son, and The Kings Of Nuthin'. To have legendary bands as well as new up and coming bands together on one CD gives you the best of everything.

Thirty rare songs from both known and underground punk rock bands make up this compilation of songs that dare not disappoint. This CD gives you a sense that punk rock is alive and well despite all the top 40 playing itself off as punk rock these days; forget about MTV punk (and all that is commercial punk), this album is truly underground and straight true to soul.

In this compilation, The Hunns cover the classic Van Halen track “Ain’t Talkin bout Love” making a classic into a true creation, trading vocals between Duane and Corey throughout the track. Other highlights include the Briefs' “Human Thermometer” and The US Bombs' “He’s The Man” as well as the David Bowie Styled “Baby Black and Blue” sung by The Lizzies.

Don’t bother picking up anything else this year until you’ve heard this CD. - Roya Butler