SURVIVE - Much the Same (Nitro Records)
Survive is the sophomore album from Chicago’s Much the Same. Produced by Cameron Webb, it's a return to the fast melodic punk sound of the '90s without sounding nostalgic or derivative.

Alongside their Nitro Records labelmates A Wilhelm Scream, No Trigger, and Crime in Stereo, Much the Same are doing everything they can to bring back substance over style to the underground. The band has played with the likes of Bad Religion, Rise Against, Thrice, Strike Anywhere, Anti-Flag, and A Wilhelm Scream.

“What I Know” hits deep in the heart to any romantic, explaining “I hate the thought of living life without you, even though I’m not afraid of being alone…every dream will be about you and that’s one thing that I know…forgive me if I can’t just let you go…” Anyone who’s ever been in love will seek recluse from this song. The lyrics, although sad, are offset by the pounding drums and upbeat rhythm.

“Take What’s Yours,” is something anyone can relate to, having been in a situation where someone has told lies leading to your downfall. McGrath explains “…you cant deny you’ve ruined everything with all your lies…while you manipulate your friends and think no one can see…you can talk behind my back if that’s what gets you by…you almost broke me down…you can play your game, but you don’t fool me anymore.”

I love how Much the Same is turning back to get in touch with where punk started, instead of being cliché like a lot of new punk bands out there like *cough* Good Charlotte *cough*. 

“Living a Lie” is a good lesson for anyone who’s gone out of their way to please people to their own detriment. McGrath sings: “It’s a shame that you think you have to try to please everyone else when you don’t even please yourself. Now isn’t that the worst kind of life? Why do you listen to what all those empty people say? You don’t need them around, they just wana keep you down.”- Roya Butler