MOTOSIERRA RULES!!! - Motosierra (Myrmecoleo Records)
It was evident from the get-go on "Rawk and Roll Revolution", a compilation of garage but mostly hot and heavy punk rock from around the globe, that Uruguay's Motosierra was in the howitzer class. They confirm as much on this, their second long-player and first for hard-to-spell Japanese label, Myrmecoleo.

Built on the most solid bed of chainsaw guitar you'll hear in many a day and driven by a brutal rhythm section, Motosierra apparently climbed out of the remains of two earlier South American bands, Chicos Electrics and Cross. Citing Australian influences (I'm guessing the Cosmic Psychos and the Hard Ons might rate a mention) as well as Scandi, they whip up a veritable tornado of sound.

What's to say? Fourteen songs clocking in at barely 24 minutes. The opener "We Sell, You Buy!" writes the template: A thundering bassline before the twin guitars and drums lock in. Up front, Marcos (the sionger) unleashes his drain cleaner vocals, some ragged back-ups jump in and out, and we're into the next tune quicker than you can say, "Fuck me, what was that about?" Next cab off the rank, "No More", throws a curve ball with a lightweight guitar intro before exploding into 47 seconds of mayhem.

Most of the songs are in English (though sometimes it's hard to make much out). If you miss the lyrics you can always pick up a clue from the titles ("I Wanna Fuck Myself", "Suck My Dick", "Whisky & Cocaine"). I think I heard handclaps in one selection but it rushed past before I got its name.

Call it punk...speedcore...whatever. It'll certainly clean out the ears and get the morning off to a lively start, especially if cranked up to mega levels, as was no doubt intended by its makers. N.B.: Stamina required. Like the Hard Ons, I have a feeling that not all of it's meant to be taken too literally.

After it's over only two questions remains unanswered: (1.) Is the martial choir song, "Kamikaze Blues", that closes the disc some sort of concession to the band's Japanese label? Beats me but just like kamikaze pilots, this is a band that doesn't wear parachutes.(2.) Did you get the number of that bus that hit me? - The Barman