NO LOVE AROUND - Molten Universe (Off the Hip)
They're should be plenty of love around for this EP. Sydney's Adolphus were one of the bands that gigged all too infrequently in their second life. Originally a Lime Spiders spin-off that convened in the '80s while singer Mick Blood was off on an extended overseas trip, they re-appeared five or six years ago and are now around as Molten Universe.

Tony Bambach (bassist, vocalist and Chief organiser) gave us a heads-up on these six tracks a while back and they sounded mighty impressive. The recordings show a band in line-up transition with slightly tweaked line-ups (super-charged guitarist Richard Jakimyszyn is on three of the songs but is out of the ranks now apparently) but the sound's consistent.

Re-vamped versions of the Spiders' "Strange Kind of Love" and "The Captor and The Captive One" lead off and Limey fans won't be disappointed. Bambach, drummer Phil Jacquet (Celibate Rifles, Voodoo Lust) and Ged Corben lay down an especially rich bed of sound on the former.

"No Love Around", "Voodoo Vibe" and "Bass Witch" are new songs, two of them co-written by Bambach and drummer Damien Stofka. "Voodoo" is a drugs tale with some exemplary guitarwork. Jakimyszyn squeezes out a frenzied lead-break and Bambach nails the vocal. "Voodoo Vibe" employs a mid-section breakdown that takes the song to distortion heaven. "Bass Witch" also stretches the sonic envelope and gives Corben a chance to break out the slide guitar to nice effect.

The mild surprise of a DEVO cover - the commercially-successful "Freedom of Choice" rather than one of their earlier comparative obscurities - shuts down the EP and works a treat with a rich (molten) undertow of distortion doing the business.

A album might have been great but this half-dozen will do for now. This is something that should appeal outside just the confines of once-upon-a-time Lime Spiders fans. - The Barman