A copy of this arrived via ex-Barfly Ken Shimamoto, whose Fort Worth, Texas, dotage is spent listening to, and playing with, local bands rather than charting the retrospective inner-thoughts of Dee-troit rock royalty. The Me-Thinks are a trio from some place I've never been called Haltom City and hang out at Ken's local bar, The Wreck Room.

Shimamoto-san asked me what I thought and my immediate response was: "Fat old, washed-up drunks playing fast garage rock - what's not to like?" A month later, the opinion holds.

In their own words:

"All of us drive two-seater cars or pick-up trucks that aren't very fancy. None of us have gold teeth. We spend a lot of time drinking, smoking, and taking pills. Some of us have extensive porn collections. We are old. We are extremely loud to cover the fact that we aren't very good players. We probably won't be playing anywhere outside of the Wreck Room in Fort Worth and we are perfectly cool with that. We don't have a van so our equipment gets wet when it rains. Our bar tab is usually more than the money we were paid".

In other words, The Me-Thinks are a low-brow musical equivalent of "My Name is Earl" with less of a conscience, playing the sort of music that hasn't a pork chop's hope in a synagogue of being devoured by mainstream radio. Works for me. If Springer's looking for a house band guests can relate to, he should search no further.

These guys have a thing for E.P.s, this being their third (technically speaking.) Pedants will note that it's two E.P.s and 10 songs long, which more or less makes it an album. Tell it to the guy in "Hi-Fidelity".

Bassist Ray blathers rough-edged vocals like Handsome Dick Manitoba with a head cold and locks in nicely with drummer Will, who's sometimes all over his kit like a rash but manages to nail a mighty feel for his occasional flashiness. Guitarists Marlin and Trucker John (the latter a recent addition, I think) deliver in distorto grind in a stand-and-deliver, no-nonsese way, with occasional guest spots by other guys I've never heard of.

Three Reasons To Love The Me-Thinks:

1. Lyrically, most of the tunes are about drinking. There are few about being pulled over by the cops (after drinking) and waking up broke and with a mouth like the bottom of a cockatoo's cage (after drinking.) Are you seeing a pattern?

2. Musically, the Me-Thinks rock like Australia's Cosmic Psychos, albeit with a lighter touch on the accelerator pedal. Throw in the VeeBees from Canberra, The Meatbeaters from Adelaide or The Shrewms from Brisbane and you're on the map.

3. Their website includes recipes for drinks like The Retarded Samurai, The Tantric Gerbil and Fruity Russian Coke Dealer that even I'm not silly enough to try.

As you can gather, the Me-Thinks shtick is pretty universal and I'm betting a shitload of like-minded fans from anywhere dirty guitar rock and roll gets an airing would get into songs like the nostalgic "Burnout Timeline". "Texas Gigolo" rocks like the jukebox in a bum's bar at happy hour, while "Partyboy (Drinks To Infinity)" sounds like mildly pissed-off hardcore crossed with good ole boy trucker cap rock.

This is one of those albums, er, double E.P.s, that won't re-write the history of rock and roll but will bring a smile to your face. Charge your glass often enough and this band could be your life.

Best way to grab it is to drop their record label a line, making sure to send some love and Paypal cash. – The Barman