FEAR OF FALLING - Me Vs You (MGM/Green Media)
Anyone know the Bull and Bush, on Windsor Road at Baulkham Hills in western Sydney?  It’s a colourless suburban watering hole – my memories of it are tainted by personal associations, but nonetheless, it’s one of the last places you’d ever expect to see a noisy rocking band.
These poor fuckers did part of the launch tour for this EP there.  Ya gotta give ‘em credit for nerve, if nothing else.
Holy fuck, this band is tight!  They’ve got a real drive behind them. Y’know, no band is any better than it’s weakest member, but these guys hold it together at breakneck pace, always on top of the beat, if not riding ahead of it.  It makes for an exhilirating rhythmic sound.
Backing vox are yells more than anything else and the lead guitar is kinda metally.  Then there’s that fast punkish rhythm, so y’know the kinda score you're getting here.  There’s some good lyrics too, great imagery, neat lines.  I sometimes wonder at the intent of some of it 'though, some come across overly critical (they’re all about girls) but the best have a real sympathy and empathy behind them, a sense of feeling.
In a world of Cooper’s Sparkling, it’s a bit Carlton Draught, but it’ll do the job.
Bloody hell, the Bull & Bush!  Poor buggers… - Earl O'Neill