A DAVID TAYLOR TRIBUTE - Lowride (Independent)
Prominent (as in Triple Jay and surf/skate soundtracks) young band from Sydney's Northern Beaches reels out two songs from the Lipstick Killers, one of their city's finest punk-garage outfits, and the results are handy.

The beneficiary of the profits from this two-track single will be David Taylor, original drummer for the Lipstick Killers (and uncle to Lowrider's guitarist-vocalist Owen) who was badly incapacitated by a road accident, so they're on my good side before I played it. The Lipstick Killers actually reformed in 2001 to raise soke dollars for the cause, so Lowride are in goods company.

"Hindu Gods Of Love" has to be the most-covered Sydney '70s punk song ever but this version sounded surprisingly fresh, if a little measured. There's probably no sense in striving to match the manic energy of Dave Taylor's untrammeled drumming on the original anyway. "Driving The Special Dead" gets along on a nice bed of fuzz bass and Owen has a rich set of pipes and walks the song to the door with a hefty guitar solo.

I'm betting you completists will be able to score a copy from Lowride's myspace before too long. I have to say the other sounds there aren't too bad if you're stopping off in that general vicinity.- The Barman