Gorgeous Karl Domah
Gorgeous Karl Domah

Bald Faced Stag, Leichhardt
15 December 2012

Words by MARK FRASER of Redback Rock
Photos by KYLEIGH PITCHER of Songbird Photography

Much hyped and highly anticipated, tonight was the first time The Psychotic Turnbuckles have trodden the stage for 15 years. Rock n Roll wrestling was about to rear its ugly head once more!

Sorry to openers Cousin Betty for missing your set, but I was busy in the public bar catching up with the many ghosts from gigs past.

As a first timer to the Stag it houses a pretty cool band room. Air con, plenty of space, nice sound setup…and no smoke…big change from 15 years back!

Compulsory plastic beer cups kinda suck, but you can blame that on the younger gen and certain fucked up ex- wives. But I digress.

I saddle up beside the mixing desk, throw down another plastic Peroni, look around and notice that bald seems to be the new black. The average crowd age is 40 plus and there’s a fair slab of great retro T-shirts that have been dragged out of the wardrobe for the occasion.

Bad Vibrations have a cool front line of retro style guitars on semi thrash mode. A few familiar faces from the likes of Crusaders and Persian Rugs, they got increasingly tighter and tighter as they warmed up.

Some slick dynamics amidst the popesque ragged crush, we’re talking seasoned, competent performers…infectious frenzied nuggets of sound, punching backbeat and a way too short set. Keen for more.

Some guy offers me ten bucks for my Japanese Johnny Ramone Tshirt and I politely let him know that wouldn’t even cover a couple of beers, let alone the postage I paid for it. He laughs and stumbles off stage-ward as the lights dim.

With a lotta hype to live up to and their rock and roll wrestling title on the line, Pismo’s finest are set to explode. Karl Domah’s fluoro lime-green kit sits resplendent below the back wall Turnbuckles banner and I find hard to believe that it’s over 25 years since I managed these guys and released their first singles… and they're still kicking albeit a few line-up changes later.

Jesse The Intruder

Jesse The Intruder

The Grand Wizard
The Grand Wizard

A packed room, there’s plenty of pomp and ceremony as individual intros see the Wizard, Gorgeous Karl, The Unknown, El Sicodelico and Jesse the Intruder strut their stuff beneath fluoro wigs and faux fur coiffure. The Turnbuckles have arrived.

It's all about the show and that’s exactly where the Buckles shine. Intros done, it’s a blistering rendition of second single Psychotic Situation. Blistering, paint-peeling  guitarnage from the outset. And it's on! Cool It Baby, Mess around with You…Rock n Roll terrorist…The Sudan Butcher…Infected….Lunar Chik…Hold Me Tight…

Rump thumpin’ bottom end driving that fuzzed squeal…the Wizard in the zone, El beyond the zone and the Intruder just hammering and taunting all and sundry.

Ride the Wild Seas.. El Sic setting those frets on fire, Karl snapping that back beat to the shithouse, Unknown’s brutal bass. Wizard’s scorched wah wah…the brutal vox of Jesse’s pseudo -American twinged angst. It's a full rock n roll wrestling show!

Intro psycho George as that lime green mental mayhem continues to swirl, whirl and shatter. Big psychedelic, razed rockets comin’ at ya…one after the other. Pismo beach…Groove to the Eye…Leaving.

As visual as they are aurally captivating, the Buckles live, breath and revel the moment. They promise a a kickarse show and deliver each and every time. It’s your fave psychotic comic book come to life. After 15 years fermenting, tonight the brew was ripe! Dull City has been reclaimed! With a plug for their upcoming double CD, there could be hints of a 2013 tour...don your fluoro and get along!

The Psychedelic Unknown
The Psychedelic Unknown

El Sicodelico
El Sicodelico


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