Hoodoo Gurus + Blue Oyster Cult + Special Guests
Twin Towns, Queensland
Friday, April 19, 2013

Words and images: ALISON 'AL' MANDERS

Running a little bit late, I'm actually waiting outside the room as the intro tape for BOC starts. Can't go in, waiting for someone. The longest 90 seconds of my life.

Make it inside before the chorus of Red and the Black, phew. The Barman refers to me as a BOC tragic, I'll wear that, but I would challenge him to find anyone in that room tonight that didn't walk out a convert. I'm in virtually the same spot as last night, but tonight, Richie has turned it up and I have his Marshall stack pointed directly at me. Loving it, but I missed a whole lot of what Buck has to offer. I'll be moving to the right a little tomorrow, I think.

I'm not exactly known for my lack of height, (clear view of set list) but when has a set list ever been set in stone ? By the fourth track, I'm having to make notes on my phone so I don't fuck it up (the BOC Fan Forum will kill me). Still not sure I got the whole set list as I hit the ozone for a while. Just me and the music, having a lovely time.

I don't get to a lot of gigs anymore (young children) and when I do, someone is generally paying for me to be there. That means eyes open, watching everything. Tonight and BOC is all about eyes closed, no responsibility, rocking out, and loving every minute of it. Thank you Buck, Eric, Richie, Jules, and Kasim. You truly rocked my world.

Buck Dharma shredding.

Pretty sure I said it last night, and I'll say it again, the engine room of the Gurus are phenomenal. Rick and Mark lay down the platform on which all else rises. Without them, Dave's soaring vocals would still impress and well, Brad, he is not only incredibly entertaining to watch, he backs it up with exemplary skills. But, without them live, hey, I have the record, on vinyl.

I personally have a need to watch them play from just in front of the sound desk. Always have, probably always will. I blame a mutual friend for that. Shall we ask the PA the question ?

Anyway, the Gurus tonight actually managed to kick it up a level from last night. What, I hear you ask, but you said they were already kicking it up to a new level ? Apparently, they have way more room to move. Every song from Bittersweet, the opener, onwards had a level of intensity that is designed to send us to a new and perfect plane of existence.

Dig It Up is not only a festival for old farts, like myself, it is the festival where the Hoodoo Gurus, in inviting their own idols to play with them, and indeed, before them on the bill, set the bar that little bit higher every single night, and I love them for it. Mostly because they more than meet it.

Oh yeah, you probably want to know who the mystery guests were ? No real surprise that it was Cyril Jordan and Chris Wilson. Were they awesome ? Yes, yes they were. Do I need to tell you what they played ? No, think about it.

Four Gurus, two Groovies.

This is my last official report for the i94Bar on the Dig It Up shows. Unless of course, I feel an overwhelming need to comment on the Blue Oyster Cult headline show or the Enmore Show. It could happen.

Dig It Up Sydney has extremely limited tickets available. If you want to be part of the winners circle this year in the gig stakes, I'll see you at the Enmore in Sydney. If I don't, either you're going to Melbourne, Perth or you are a masochist, cos you'll be beating yourself up if you miss it.

Blue Oyster Cult headline at the HiFi, Sydney tonight, April 20. No support, just pure BOC.

Dig It Up Sydney is Sunday, April 21. An amazing array of entertainers across four venues, a mere four minutes walk apart. You would be a fool to miss it, so here's a thought. Don't.



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