HATE YOU - The Fucken Leftovers (Dropkick)
Following recent retrospective releases from the likes of The Saints, The Scientists, The Kelpies, X and others comes "Hate You", featuring studio and live recordings of this late '70s Brisbane punk menace, familiar to most of us until now only via their classic single "Cigarettes and Alcohol".

The first four tracks here appear to be the only surviving studio recordings of the band. "Cigarettes and Alcohol",‘No Complaints", I Only Panic When There’s Nothing To Do" are joined by the previously unreleased "Hermine".
"Cigarettes and Alcohol" ranks alongside The Saints' "(I’m) Stranded", The Victims' "Television Addict" and X's "Degenerate Boy" as all-time classic Oz songs. Both "No Complaints" and "I Only Panic..." are worthy inclusions that hold their own. "Hermine" is a major departure, as the band pulls the pace back and almost enter “new wave” territory. In the process singer Warren Lamond (RIP) quotes the likes of Oscar Wilde and Herman Hesse.

What follows are 13 live tracks from a gig in 1979. The show features several of the band’s other original compositions and some intriguing covers.

All of the tracks from the "Cigarettes and Alcohol" seven-incher appear in their live form, alongside killer tunes like "Dead on Arrival", "50,000 Jackboots" and "Yellow Peril". Some of the covers are The Plastic Ono Band’s "Cold Turkey", Arthur Lee and Love's "My Flash on You" and The Velvet Underground's "Run Run Run".

On studio and live tracks the band prove that energy and aggression can easily make-up for a lack of technical proficiency; as the band are loose but powerful and obviously could not care about being in tune or slick. Vocalist Warren Lamond has enough raw attitude and aggression to make most ‘punk’ acts of today, look like weekend hacks.

"Hate You" documents various lineups of the band, with the studio recordings featuring Warren Lamond (vocals), Glen Smith (bass), Jim Shoebridge (guitar) and Ed Wreckage (drums). On the live recordings, Ed Wreckage moves to guitar and Greg Wackley sits in on drums.

Also included is an excellent booklet featuring rare photographs and press clippings, in addition to the reminiscences of fan and friend David Holliday.

"Hate You" is an excellent document this late 70s Brisbane punk menace whom had attitude, aggression and energy to burn, like few others. - Simon Li