THE NOW SOUND EXPLOSION – The Jewws (Demolition Derby)
The Dictators might have knocked 'em dead in Dallas and lived to bathe in the irony in "The Next Big Thing", but this band from Houston takes redneck baiting a step further by adopting a moniker guaranteed to draw the heat from the most rabidly anti-Semite 10-gallon hat wearer.

They also carry the personal endorsement of the Lone Star State's garage rock Joe Meek, Tim Kerr. He wrote the liner notes but didn't apply his production stamp, but that should be enough to make fans of the genre listen up.

The Jewws are not, by any stretch of the imagination, a retiring lot. This is flat-out, raucous thrash with the odd bit of surf guitar ("Moon Equipped") and Hammond organ underlay ("Bad Lovin' Thing") peeking through. These songs are short and sharp explosions that barely pause to draw breath before putting their collective head down and arse up to set off for another finish line. Side two outstrips side one for sheer relentlessness (it's another vinyl slab).

They might be Jewws but it's a fair bet that with a name like Omari Yoshihiro, their vocalist-guitarist won't be declining gigs on a Saturday because they clash with a bar mitzvah. Yoshihiro's bark is relenting so bassist Rebecca's Gugarelli's chirpy background vox and the occasional instrumental like "Saturn Swivel" are relief. The odd slice of kitsch movie soundtrack, sandwiched between a couple of songs, raises the silliness stakes.

The Jewws recall Scandinavian soulmates, The Maggots, or Australia's recently-revived Crusaders (two comparisons not lightly bestowed). "Love in a Pill" even gets into a Lipstick Killers guitar groove before breaking down to a semi-coherent tirade.

The Jewws are clearly a band devoid of pretensions: "Keep On Cryin'" slips out a painfully lost lead-break that would do any number of their teenage '60s forebears proud. Most of the songs grind to a halt rather than shudder, which is fine by us.

Noisy, lively and very kosher. On a Belgian label, too. They show taste. What's up with the local imprints?
The Barman