STONE, STEEL AND BRIGHT LIGHTS - Jay Farrar (Transmit Sound/Shock)
Jay Farrar's third solo album "Stone, Steel and Bright Lights" features 19 tracks, 18 of which are recorded live at various gigs in 2003. Jay is accompanied, impressively, by US group Canyon.

Following "Doesn't Have To Be This Way" (recorded at a gig soundcheck) are live versions of songs from both of Jay''s solo albums "Sebastopol"' and "Terroir Blues", including the tracks "Make it Alright", "No Rolling Back", "Voodoo Candle", "California", "Damaged Son" and "Feed Kill Chain" 'All of these are highlights and feature Canyon.

Also appearing are a few tracks performed solo and acoustic, including "6 String Belief" and "Greenwich Time".
Another highlight is "Heart on the Ground" which features mostly understated backing and some impressive lead guitar work from Canyon guitarist Brandon Butler.

As the album moves on, the sonic blueprint from the likes of Neil Young (and to a lesser extent) Steve Earle becomes more evident. The album closes with two covers, the first the Syd Barrett-penned "Lucifer Sam", and (probably not that surprisingly) a killer take on Neil Young's "Like a Hurricane".

Fans of Jay will continue to savour this artist and his recorded works. For the uninitiated, there are more than enough impressive moments to make "Stone, Steel and Bright Lights" worth seeking out. - Simon Li