THE MUSEUM OF INSTALLATION - I, Ludicrous (Old King Lud)
I could say this band come across as a sort of lo-budget lo-tech London version of TISM or Mr Floppy. Here's the rundown:

1. "Valediction (like a moron)". This is an unpromising start to the CD as it sounds a bit serious until you think about the distinctly un-PC lyrics. Bit of a dull track otherwise.

2. "I’ve Never been Hit by Mark E.Smith". Never really got into The Fall. Anyway, this track is putting down The Fall guy succinctly and is in accord with my impressions. Not that I’ve ever met him - I would avidly avoid the opportunity should it arise - but the live reviews I’ve read paint a picture of someone way out of control living off past glories. There are the usual obsessive fans, and we’re talking pretty hard core at this juncture from what I understand, still hanging onto the whiff of an oily rag. Amusing.

3. "Museum of Installation" puts down installation art thing, which was all the thing in London’s art scene last year or sometime recently. Just like it was in the 1960’s and 1970’s. I sort of agree that most takes on installation art are crap and lazy. But I’d still go to London if J.G. Ballard’s daughter restaged his Atrocity Exhibition at the Tate Modern.

4. "We’re the Support Band" is the highlight of the album. My boss is thinking of covering it after I played it to him. The only time I’ve seen my boss play was as a support act so that’s a worry really. Catalogues all the failings of support acts in a succinct format. Very funny.

5. "Graham Drew’s Party" catalogues the woes of partygoing. You know, the hassle getting there and home, the bores, the drunks, the drugs, the uninvited, the police, the neighbours, the battle for control of the CD player to prevent more 1970’s disco dreck being played. And that’s just at my house. No wonder I don’t bother anymore.

6. "Get Out More". Not sure what this is on the CD for. Bit dull really.

7. "Bring on the Substitute". Piss take on soccer substitutes, crowds and old timers raving on about the great football days of old.

8. "Approaching Forty". Not quite up to the sarcasm levels evident elsewhere on the disc.

9. "English Football 2003". Strictly for Pommie Soccer fans

10. "When I worked at Textline" brings to mind The Members or The Piranhas doing a song after watching The Office but I suspect it’s based on real experience.

11. "Bar-Room Bore". Reminds me of someone I know.

12. "Leisuretime Filler" – get out more.

There are a couple of gems here but don’t expect great music but an amusing curiosity. I might even go and see iLudicrous for a laugh if they were is Sydney or I was in London, both of which are unlikely. Which I guess is the point. Worth a listen for track 4. - Frank McEwen

P.S. What ever happened to Mr Floppy? Did they get sick of getting beaten up?