EVIL - Human Tanga (Nicotine)
Italian trio Human Tanga seem to be another band that suffer from European recording studio over production, but that has not entirely stifled the five tracks onf their CDEP "Evil".

"Nu Sun Rising" is first and features the sampling of sounds from a Superbike Grand Prix race, followed by Human Tanga slashing and burning in high energy fashion (akin to The Backyard Babies) with vocalist-guitarist Murky Tanga's distinctly Lemmy Kilmister influenced vocals, bound to make an early impression on listeners.

"Voodoo" holds the pace back as the band starts to play hard and heavy, like stoner rock-gods Queens of The Stone Age.

"Zombie A Go Go at a Teenage Party" displays the band's glam/stadium rock roots, with this tune highly reminiscent of KISS at their 'catchy' rock anthem moments i.e. "Rock'n'Roll All Nite". "You" re-gathers the pace, as the rhythm section Banga Tanga (drums) and Vito Demolition (bass) pull out all stops.

"Gotta Ride" closes the disc and is a return to more stadium rock-styled sounds, with the rhythm section as solid as ever, as Murky Tanga proceeds to deliver some sharp and concise lead guitar.

Human Tanga really impress on "Evil" as they combine high energy rock and glam-stadium rock and some distinctive vocals. - Simon Li