GET KNIFED - Fatal Flying Guilloteens (Estrus)
Hmmm... Maybe I missed something or just don't get it, but Fatal Flying Guilloteens "Get Knifed" is as irritating as truck stop toilet paper, all 10 songs bleeding into one another in a dissonant, clattering, droning mess.

Guitars saw, drums pound and like the jazz song accompanying my worst nightmare, everybody plays something different all at the same time, singer Shawn yowling over the racket with all the charm of a quivering, sickly dog that perpetually soils the floor. Call me a "throwback," but there's something endearing about music with verses, choruses, melody, and a sense of purpose. These guys sound like they're making it up as they go along and for all we know, maybe they are.

If your idea of a good time is an entire disc of variations on The Stooges' "L.A. Blues" (as much as you may love them, you have to admit that song blows chunks) performed by James White in the throes of a Tourette's attack, contact Estrus immediately.. In the meantime, I'll hang here by the stereo and let you know if I eventually figure it all out. Be sure to dust me once in a while, OK? - Clark Paull