FURTHEREST VILLAGE FROM THE SUN - Ghosts Of Television (Chatterbox)
The cover aint bad. Kind of an abstract impressionist landscape that’s been over-photoshopped with an excess of red. Then you throw the disc in. And you just know these are the kind of boring turds who spend far too much time talking about what it all means. “No matter the name, the shame will remain – Now there’s no salvation you can buy.” And shit like that, from a track cheerily entitled ‘City of Painless Childbirth’ – a title which is the highpoint of the record, cos at least I got a laugh out of the title.

You might remember those po-faced goth typed bands from about 1985? Like 45 Grave, or TSOL – well GOTV aren’t that good. They’ve got those overly mannered vocals, a bunch of flangers and chorus pedals for that Curish sound, none of the songs are too fast. And it’s dedicated to the Notorious B.I.G., who is no doubt spinning with rapturous gratitude in his coffin at the thought.

According to their bio, this is called “old testament space punk.” By god, I’ve managed a paragraph per song, but this third track can’t be allowed to go on any longer…

It was later reported that a fracas occurred at the Glengarry Castle Hotel near Redfern Station. Said local resident, Jimmy Nail, “I asked this whitefella for a smoke and he gives me a fucking Ghosts of Television CD!! Fuck man, I don’t need no old testament space punk. Sounds like the fucking LA Goth scene in the mid 80s anyway.” - Earl O'Neill