LYING SHOOTER POSITION - The Gasolheads (Lollipop)
French four-piece band Gasolheads have been around four years and have notched up three CDLPs, a number of 7" single and compilation appearances and have played gigs with the likes of US garage punk-n-roll bands Nashville Pussy, The New Bomb Turks and The Supersuckers.

Sharing stages with the aforementioned bands, gives reference points to the Gasolheads' sound to some degree.

"Bad Situation" opens "Lying Shooter Position" and is a chunky piece of garage rock of which The Backyard Babies might take pride in. From there the band begins to detonate with vocalist Olivier Gasoil howling away, the rhythm section Guillou (drums) and Glen N Matlock (!) (bass) rampaging and guitarist Pascal Pachuco, slashing and burning their way through much of the rest of the CD.

The band also channells modern Californian punk, particularly on "Jacket Chrome", "Let's Negative" and"'Nobody Knows".

Track 10 "Hate is Better Than Rock-n-Roll", is somewhat of a departure for the band, being a homage of sorts to The New York Dolls' "Personality Crisis" and Radio Birdman's "Burned My Eye" and features extra piano. Other highlights are "Lost Weekends" (the most New Bomb Turks inspired tune).

Eleven of the 13 tracks on "Lying Shooter Position" are original compositions, with one of the two notable covers being DMZs 'Ball me Out'.

All up, "Lying Shooter Position" is a solid effort from these young Frenchmen. - Simon Li