SILENT NIGHT/STILLE NACHT - Flirt (self released)
You can tell the holiday season is here when Xmas tunes start arriving in the mailbox. This one lobbed like a shrapnel bomb, its meek and mild intro stripped away to reveal a punk take on the standard with hydrochloric-acid-spiked-with-bleach, female vocals.

Flirt are a bunch of Detroit vets from the '80s, now reformed (as in re-constituted) and doing the odd show. The quartet of Rockee (vox), Skid Marx (bass), Thomas St Thomas (guitars) and Danny Bloxsom (drums) is augmented for this two-song CD by old friend Mikey Mohawk (Incredible Mohawk Brothers/Hawkedelic) on keys.

I have it on reliable information that Skid Marx was considered for the bass spot in the (post-Thunders and Nolan) Dolls back in the '70s, on account of "Killer" Kane (R.I.P.) being too much in love with the lunatic soup to be a reliable and ongoing proposition. Such trivia is what rock is built on.

But back to the CD. "Silent Night" rips along in raucous style. As you may guess, "Stille Nacht" does the same but is in German (which, strictly speaking, is true to the original as it was written by a couple of stein carriers). Fun and it's being sold at gigs but you can drop the band a line if you want one and live outside Michigan. - The Barman