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I forget how much early '80s music is rooted in '70s heavy rock, the best parts, not the 20-minute lead breaks, but the downstroke cave man bits, most players in the 80s, like it or lump it, had the 70s shoved up their ass. Thus I noticed a characteristic heaviness to a lot of local bands jammin' it up in the evergreen Sydney '80s scene, taking time from sniffing to sonicglue together punk, heavy rock and whatever the fuck came up.

Somewhere between X and the Birthday Party, feedtime snuck up over the hill carrying their gear on their backs looking for some action. The first time I ever saw them I played with them, I was at a hall in Sydney's historic Rocks area, waiting for them to play when the guitar player, this soft spoken big cunt, leaned over the stage and gestured towards the vacant drum kit and asked me to drum with them, as the drummer was MIA (any drummer worth his salt SHOULD be the most unmanageable member of any non self respecting rock n roll band.) I fitted in perfect, and was kinda hopi'n for a regular gig, but alas etc.

feedtime were the Labor Party left wing, workingman's no-frills just turn it up extend a good heavy rhythm till lift-off four squared shave the top of your head off cave kill basic as all fuck 2 fisted pumping driving v8 straight ahead bottle smash kind of band, mesmerisingly loud live, like taking a trip in a steel works and coming down in abattoir.

I can't be fucked going into details about the four albums, there's a span, and over the four they had plenty of room to stretch. It was pretty cool having new ones to look forward to back in the day, and put out by that pimply, punk-loving smart ass Bruce Griffiths, who saved our part of the Sydney scene for posterity and pomposity.

My most memorable gig was one at the Vulcan hotel (inner city Sydney), and for some reason I think it was as the sun was setting. Not only was the music baking us, the controls were set to the heart of the sun as well, I'm sure they just played solid for and hour and a half, I felt like I'd become sandstone, and after the show I was in deep thought and didn't have much to say, I was quiet, my beast subdued, so affected by this sonic bludgeoning, fucking glorious.

Anyway, if you never saw 'em, suck shit, you can listen to these records and imagine what the were like live. They were a live band, recordings never do live bands justice, I don't care what you say. Still, OK, OK,, you get the idea and all from the records, but still...

A fist in the air for SubPop for diggin' this shit up and making an awesome box set that has this grown man deep in melancholia for those old days I'll never have again. And a big nod to pimple ass Bruce Griffiths for giving a fuck. And to feedtime, a simple and warm - thanks for what you gave. - Ashley Thomson



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