THE DIRTY BURDS - The Dirty Burds (Tinnitus Records)
First time on CD for this an all-girl London band (a re-constituted version of the all-girl London outfit of the same name that was around in the '90s) and the only question is: Why wasn't this EP an album? The answer is: This was recorded in 2004 and they've since broken up.

Pity 'cos it's a roaring, unruly banshee of a disc. There's a chance Ritalin might have worked if administered earlier but these Burds were probably beyond therapy or redemption. It's only five tracks but they all count when they rip a new sonic hole in your stereo's speakers, right?

Do all girl bands with attitude want to be The Runaways? It's a rhetorical question, but if you have a good answer you know where to find us. There is something snide we could say about the one-sheet's description of The Dirtyburds as "Joan Jett having Courtney Love for breakfast" but we're fresh out of liquor jokes.

But onto the music, and it's a fine line between the savage attack of the Heartbreakers and the Stoogelike stomp of Texas Terri, with a big '60s bent. Putting aside the obvious Runaways metaphor (and going nowhere near The Donnas, who suck) The Dirty Burds are more like a trashy Nikki Corvette.

Consider the elements: Two guitars, played with fervour and a dirty tone by Trucker and Teddy (your ears will bleed); A vocalist, Jiggy, who tackles each tune like her pretty face really is going to hell; A rock solid, rock action engine room staffed by bassist Domi and drummer Blitz, who could adopt the pseudonyms Assault and Battery without much trouble.

These gals not only have good looks but taste to match, with their sizzling cover of "One Way Street" capturing both Sir Edmund Kuepper's relentless buzz and Chris Bailey's disdainful sneer. "Too Short" is a condemnation of all men who are vertically-challenged. The irony is that at 1min14sec, the song is "too short" as well.

"Sick Bitch" is (I think) a re-make of a single by San Francisco's fabulous Flakes. "Top Ten Hit" won't be one but is catchy as a cold sore. I love it and you will too. "Fuck Off" could have been a Wayne County diatribe. It shares the same sentiment as "If You Don't Want to Fuck Me, Fuck Off". It isn't the same song but it is a fast, funny and fantastic closer.

Since the band's demise, Jiggy has moved onto a mob called The Swankers with Blitz in tow and now playing drums, while Domi and Teddy are the moguls behind the label that put out this EP. Word is some posthumous Dirtyburds tuneage might turn up on a forthcoming Off The Hip compilation. It would be a brave choirboy who'd take these Burds home to mum - which paradoxically should indicate you'll pass them up at your peril. – The Barman