YOU ROT ME - Die Hunns (Volcom Entertainment)
Produced by Nate Shaw and Zander Schloss, and featuring  Duane Peters (U.S. Bombs, Duane Peters Gunfight), Corey Parks (best known as the flame-spitting Amazon from Nashville Pussy), Zander Sclhoss (Circle Jerks, Earthquake Weather
-Joe Strummer), Nate Shaw (Weirdos) and JamieReidling (U.S. Bombs, Big Drill Car), Die Hunns return for their sophomore effort "You Rot Me".

Needless to say, Duane Peters is alegend to any skater/punk rocker—creating the sound before skateboarding was a multimillion dollar sport. The US Bombs created a skatepunk genre, along with The Vandals, Circle Jerks, and Black Flag to name a few. Die Hunns' fast skate punk sound of “47th Street” differs from the ‘trudging dirty rock’ and gruff vocals of the title track and the garage rock sound of “Mad Society.” Thus,"You Rot Me" is a mélange of sounds ranging from surf rock to old skool skate punk to 70s glam rock.

“Jorge” is one of the catchiest songs on the album, singing “to consume and to never give… are the rules by which our hero lives.” The song reminds us of the ‘street’ in this street punk song. This album combines an entertaining compilation of style and core—infected by Peter’s catchy throated vocals.  This is a fun album that embodies free-spirit and touches a full range of emotions with the plethora of musical influences these artists have bestowed upon the listener.

Although I could have done without the appropriately named “Don’t want to hear it,” all in all, this high-caliber collaboration has soul.- Roya Butler