VOLUME! VOLTAGE! - The Chuck Norris Experiment (Off The Hip Records)
After wading through CDs by so many Dutch Flamin’ Groovies clones and German Heartbreakers wannabes recently, this one is a real find.

Scratch bands can occasionally take on an existence of their own and take over your life- just ask Tex Perkins if he ever expected the Beast Of Bourbon to still be playing more than 20years down the track.  To judge by this showing, the Chuck Norris Experiment may end up with a similar lifespan.

Inspired by a chance meeting with the man himself, CNE is a project that started as a time filler by an assorted bunch of Swedish rock ne’er do wells and has managed to stagger on long enough to put out a second full length LP, and get it released in Australia too. There’s a degree of half-arsed anonymity involved here- everyone is called Chuck, and all photos are doctored to protect the guilty.  No matter, the music speaks for itself.

The sound here is just as heavy as you would expect in a six-piece line up with three guitars, which all kick in at once about twelve seconds into the first track, “The Roof Is About To Cave In”. This was allegedly written in 25 minutes on the way to the studio- Christ knows it doesn’t show it- and it basically sets the ground rules for all that follows- the three pronged guitars pave the way for powerhouse drums & a bass sound thick enough to walk on, all overlaid with hoarse, frantic vocals. It’s a classic blend. They still manage to leave plenty of space in “Not No, No Way”, a cover of the Pagans’ frantic 1979 single, originally done in a foue-piece format.

The influences here are pretty plain to spot- 20 years worth of heavy metal & punk- but what’s wrong with that? Not every band wants to be REM. There is plenty of rock n roll silliness here too, with lyrics about girls, motorbikes, Saturday nights and so on.

An Internet pal of mine called them an “action band” in a recent email, and it seems to suit them. The sheer amount of gut level crunch here may remind you of fellow northern heavies Union Carbide Productions, but this is must less angsty.

Running through 17 solid tracks without stopping to draw breath is pretty good going in my book. Some of these have been available elsewhere on various European issued split singles and tribute comps, it’s good to have them all in one place. The band are currently on tour through Germany and points north, if you are in that hemisphere. All credit to the Mickster and the rest of the Off The Hip crew for expanding their overseas roster with such a choice item. – TJ Honeysuckle

THE CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT - The Chuck Norris Experiment (Bad Attitude Records)
Big thick woolly sound here from the Chuck Experimenters, pretty fuckin lively, very rock.

By far my favorite track is the epic "Radioshadow", haulin' in at seven minutes, with a pair of girls underpants that smell like the Stooges' "No Fun". These fuckers do this long/jam/riff/ rock extremely well.

There is a big '70s influence at work here, with some punk/cunt attitude throw in to piss you off. Tracks like "Little Demon" reminded me of Grand Funk Railroad fucking Kiss up the ass. That's a good thing (albeit a BAD porno movie).

Hailing from Goatberg, Sweeden, this sounds very 'European rock n roll'. These guys would go well with, say, Gluecifer.

My other favorite track "Speedfever" sounds like Lyrnard Skynard on speed and with a fever, again a good thing. While not the most inspired record I've ever heard, these guys would crank it up live for a max good time. It would be great to see 'em belting out this album. - Ashley "Oz Rock" Thomson