Share SET MY BONES – Butcher Birds (Merenoise Records)
Okay, I confess. I’m in love with this CD. Love at first listen. Expect no objectivity. This is how listening to a record is supposed to make you feel. I’ll just babble on, shall I? Of course it gets five bottles. Love means giving five bottles.

This really could be the best rock album to come out of Brisbane since “I’m Stranded.” I know. Everyone has been saying that about the Hits. I said it too after much prompting. I’m sure Stacey Coleman doesn’t mind which disc is better because she is in both bands. That’s right. Apparently she has been involved in the production of the two best rock albums to come out of Brisbane since “I’m Stranded” and nobody knows who the hell she is.

Good god, if I don’t watch out, the hyperbole is going to go clear of the scales here. Who are Merenoise records and how come they have such good taste? What has been bubbling away under the warm Queensland sun? Where did this sudden renaissance come from? Why wasn’t I told?

The Butcher Birds might be a little too grunge for some tastes. They kind of sound like what Veruca Salt could have sounded like if Veruca Salt could maintain the quality of their singles over an entire album. They sound like Veruca Salt may have sounded if they’d spent more time listening to Sonic Youth and the Velvet Underground instead of Led Zeppelin... only better. Courtney Love should have listened to this before making the new Hole album instead of whatever dross she has playing in her crib.

Guitars veer from caustic bursts through feedback and onto opiate swirls. Bass and drums pound like cocaine driven hearts. The songs are immediate and tantalising. I had the CD on and I wanted to start reviewing it but I couldn’t stop listening to it. It caught me in the headlights. In real life, butcher birds hang their prey from the thorns of trees for later consumption. I guess they got their name right, then.

I could keep on raving like an idiot but that would serve no purpose. You should just listen to the CD. It’s good. If the Barman hadn’t sent it to me for review, I would have bought this with my own cash money. Did I tell you that I love this CD? - Bob Short



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