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This album sounds tougher than being condemned to a week of eating the mother-in-law's cooking, but rest assured that you can tuck in without dreading indigestion or leaving a filling in a piece of shoe leather consistency steak. Like Uncle Bill at the annual family barbecue, it's raucous, loud and very saturated. In fact, each of the nine cuts on "Wake The Dead" is imbued with a dirty scuzziness that wouldn't be allowed within three New York City blocks of a mainstream radio station. All the more reason to love it.

Black Buzzard is what washed up when The M-16s struck an iceberg and sank beneath the waves off Cottesloe Beach in Perth. Guitarist-vocalist Spiffy Hopkins was part of that eminent Rock Action crew and will probably also be familiar from his time with Sydney's Hellmen, while bassist Brad Miller and drummer Warren Hall were the M-16s engine room. Saying that they can all play is like telling someone their hometown gets hot in February.

At this point most reviews of Perth bands sagely observe that there's something in the local water, but I'll spare you that crap and make a different sweeping statement: Black Buzzard is the place where AC/DC meets the Detroit Glee Club and drops some acid with Lobby Loyde. It's classic pub rock played with a rusty knife edge. Showboating lead guitar and strident but slightly damaged vocals are hard to beat.

There's a great deal of beer barn bluster at work in the time honoured way of many great Aussie bands but it takes a special one to pull it off without sounding like a re-heated version of Jet. The songs are excellent, and lyrically just this side of a special learning class.

"Hot Lovin" cops its headline riff from the Easybeats' "Sorry" before morphing into a boogie take on "Black To Comm". Hate to gush but in case you're wondering, it's pretty awe-inspiring. "Kickin' Like a Mule" is another keeper, moving into gear with some bombastic guitar and a lewd lyric. "Bad Feelin" marries wah-wah to a knowing Bon Scott vocal.

"Wrestle With My Heart" has a mighty chorus and some spectacularly acrid guitar. And so it goes. You'd have to be dead not to like this stuff and Dr Alien Smith's full-throated mix suits Black Buzzard to a tee.

If nothing succeeds like excess then Black Buzzard are poised to move to an up-market Perth suburb like Peppermint Grove. - The Barman

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