ELECTRIC ABORIGINES - Awesome Color (Ecstatic Peace/High Spot)
Brooklyn buzz band recall the Stooges but add their own psychedelic twist. There's the review. Done. Want some more? OK.

Apart from "Already Down" sounding like a bona fide college/alternate radio hit (that's the best Real Rock and Roll does these days) and most of the other 13 songs on this their second album being right up there with it in the appealing stakes, it seems like stating the bleeding obvious that you need to hear this for yourself. But fuck it, web space is cheap so I'll keep going.

Awesome Color is a trio. Power trio seems a redundant term so let's leave it alone. The trio's powerful enough on their own. Derek Stanton vocalises and plays heavily-saturated guitar. Cock an ear to "Do It Right" or the opener "Eyes of Light" for the very best in excess.

Michael Troulman locks in on bass and Alison Busch has the enviable job of driving these songs home on drums. The tunes are a long way from free-form jams but their structure is expansive and full of spaces (which Stanton and the occasional guest keyboard player are happy to fill.)

"Eyes of Light" is the opener and a rude awakener that sets the tone. This one lurches and spits phlegm halfway across the room before wiping its nose on its sleeve and raiding the fridge. It's scope and power is matched by "The Moon" midway through the album.

"Burning" name-checks the Motor City which is only appropriate when (a.) you originally came from Ann Arbor, Michigan and (b.) your riffing builds to a crescendo that the Five would have liked to have claimed as their own. "Evil Rose" strays confidently into blues land with Stanton unafraid to embellish a skeletal framework with some sturdy guitarwork.

Let's not overdo the Stooges comparisons lest they conjure up an aural vision of "Raw Power" re-born. That sort of baggage is far too heavy to carry. That said, Awesome Color DO share a similar vision and a prepensity to blend rawness with power and old fashoned high-energy jamming. Triva time: Derek Stanton grew up across the road from Scott "Rock Action" Asheton.

So here's one in the eye for anyone who thought Ecstatic Peace owner Thurston Moore was only into avant garde. Then-Radio Birdman drummer Russell Hopkinson was a booster for this band before Birdman's last US tour so it was no shock to see Awesome Color on one of their undercards. This album's been licensed to the High Spot label, the rock and roll offshoot of Fuse for whom Rusty works. So there are no excuses if you can't find it in an Australian shop.

There are four bonus tracks here and this is where things get real Stoogey. "Hat Energy" was on the first eponymous album and it's hear in its demo form glory, a close cousin to "Real Cool Time". The other tracks aren't bad either. But don't take my word for it. Let this band colour your world and then tell me I'm wrong. - The Barman