MONUMENTS – Antiseptiic (Communique)
You know, there a lot of things in this world that piss me off. The co-opting of classic rock music for ads I can almost live with- it’s kinda cool to hear Joey Ramone singing behind the new Toyota ad, and I understand both Roky Erickson (Dell Computers) and the Dirtbombs (Wal Mart) can be heard spruiking these days. It seems inevitable that ageing rockers without fat retirement funds will be doing this more and more.

The wholesale hijacking of riffs and samples from classics is much more annoying, especially when the band in question takes a riff from one tune, the (iconic) title of another, and then sticks a soap opera starlet out the front as the face of the resulting shite.

I really hate the way perceptions of the Ramones, Motorhead, the Misfits, AC DC, KISS, the Cramps and others have somehow been altered recently. These used to be real bands that people could and would actually listen to, but now they’ve all been co-opted onto shorthand fashion statement
T-shirts, at $30 a pop. Yes, that’s right dickhead, the Ramones WERE REAL PEOPLE WHO MADE GREAT MUSIC, NOT JUST A GODDAMN LOGO.

But Christian metal? Woo, don’t get me started…but some wrong headed promo mailer just did.

Antiskeptic are a three piece from Melbourne. They’ve been around for a few years, and recently reunited following some sort of crisis in the drummer’s life. Their website features a forum that includes space to discuss issues of faith and politics. They play “rockin’, ass-kickin!” gigs at rural schools during morning recess, followed by gospel rallies in the evening, as part of a church organised youth snaring exercise.

They have taken the form, style and language of rock music and completely gutted it, turning it into a twitching, grinning corpse. I’m not saying a higher power doesn’t ever have a place in music, but that I don’t believe organised religion has ANY place, especially sneaking into the game like a sheep dressed in wolf’s clothing.

Maybe I’m missing something here, but I don’t see how you can be a streetwalking cheetah on the highway to hell, with an ace of spades tucked up your sleeve, and be doing the Lord’s work at the same time- it’s a complete oxymoron. These guys have taken any message out of the medium and instead are using it to push beliefs and attitudes at odds with everything the form is meant to stand for. They are selling a fake.
It wouldn’t all be so distasteful if the music weren’t so bad. Hideously overcooked, with twiddly riffs, overworked drums- leave that fucking high-hat alone for JUST ONE BAR, can’t you?- and meaningless third form poetry lyrics. And I don’t want to think about what the cover art- based on that infamously set-up photo of the toppling of a statue of Saddam Hussein- might be trying to say.

Comes with a DVD of one their arena rally shows, where, if you can be bothered, you can see close ups of their geeky fans going as wild as the vicar will let them. No parental advisory sticker on this, it’s strictly G rated. Just like the Wiggles, and about as rock n roll. TJ Honeysuckle