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I’m not sure my life would have ever been truly complete without 54 Nude Honeys. Hailing from Japan, they pound pop punk rhythms directly into my brain. I hear them and adore them. They are number one on my hit parade.

You’ll look at me funny. You’ll point out the squealing Japanese girl vocals and the mangling of the English language. It’s true that when they cover “Hot Generation” they do so barely phonetically. I won’t even try to decipher what they made of those lyrics. But surely that is part of the charm. Besides, if you read the sleave notes, you’ll discover they wrote all the songs so I’m guessing the Sunsets just ripped them off fifteen years before they were born.

What do I care about who wrote what when the CD sounds this good? Listen to those drums. Listen to those guitars and the bass. I bet you wish your band sounded half as good. Make that a quarter as good because this band sets a high bench mark. Can’t you feel a big old smile cracking on your face as you listen to them pretend to be the Who on “Get on the Bus” or the Stooges with “Drop the Gun”. I listen to this disc and I imagine how exciting it would be to walk into a club and find this band playing. You’d have to run down the front and go absolutely berserk. I like 54 Nude Honeys more than I like the’s. I like them almost as much as I like the Dollsquad.

Now that the Shimmys and the Booby Traps have split up, where else am I gonna get my kicks? If these names mean anything to you, surely you must be tempted by this band. And they’re on Skydog records, home of the Stooges’ Metallic KO and the Flaming Groovies’ Grease. I’m guessing someone has got to be seeing them in a similar light to me.

As well as punk stormers like “Fat Liver” and “Bikini” you get punk surf instrumentals like “Drift Guitar” and “Lost in Forest”. You also get a Bo-Diddley-as-a-girl masterpiece entitled “Wild Girl”. You get maximum rock and roll, all thriller and no filler. These 54 Nude Honeys know how to show the discerning record buyer a good time. What’s holding you back pop pickers? You want to see them first? No problem.

As a special bonus, you get a 50-minute bonus DVD with your purchase. You get music videos. You get an entire performance at CBGBs that looks like it was recorded on someone’s mobile phone. You won’t complain about the quality. Instead, you’ll fight the urge to jump up and down and pogo in the direction of your TV. Watch as Yuri Nude Honey climbs all over the PA stack and dives into the crowd! Watch live at death disco and spot also the fill in drummer, clearly in drag. That’s some funny shit.

Look, here’s the deal. Go on Youtube and type in 54 Nude Honeys (but make sure you’ve got your internet protection up to date first). If you don’t like what you see then forget I ever mentioned them. If you like them as much as I do, get ready to have a new favourite band. - Bob Short



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