Share  HOMO HOMINI LUPUS - 400colpi (Chorus Of One Records)
Firstly, I might as well tell you that I don’t like this CD. I don’t like heavy metal. I don’t like death metal or speed metal. I don’t like any kind of metal except when it is being employed to make useful things like fridges, bridges and tins of Wild Turkey and cola. I don’t like double pedals on bass drums. I don’t like vocalists who attempt demon impersonations as they sing. I don’t like guitarists who try to show me they can play every single note on their guitar in any order and in every song.

Basically, I hate dickless wanker music. Which brings me to Italy’s 400colpi. They play heavy metal with a double bass pedal and a vocalist who impersonates a demon except that, just to be different, he does it in Italian. They play very fast. They are named after the Francois Truffaut movie we know as 400 Blows in English speaking territories. The original movie’s French title means “to raise hell” and I’m guessing that this band wants to raise at least a small part of the infernal realm. Maybe a devil or a succubus or two. Succubi are your best bet when you play music aimed squarely at a predominantly acne scarred, teenage, male audience.

I can’t tell you if this is good demon core metal or bad demon core metal. To me, it is like being asked to choose between two shades of black. The CD starts off like a Dario Argento movie soundtrack (a good thing) before giving up and exploding into rolling drums and stuttering guitars for half an hour or so. I know some people like this stuff but I really don’t get it. Surely this was the jive we fought a war against. Surely this is the emperor’s new clothes version of Deep Purple and Uriah Heap sped up and put through a mincing machine. It is unlistenable, undanceable and just plain unfun.

I apologise to 400 Colpi for not being able to give you an accurate review of their worth. I tried to listen to it and at least find something positive to say. In fact, I listened to it twice and my head still hurts. I looked at the CD cover. The band clearly wants to tell us something. The album’s title Homo homini lupus is a Latin phrase meaning "man is a wolf to [his fellow] man. The cover mocks Michelangelo’s painting of God and Adam in the Sistine Chapel through the addition of a well-placed roll of bank notes. The disc shows a cartoon of man’s evolution from ape to backstabber.

With Song titles like “Kane” and “M”, I am fairly certain there is at least one film student in the band. Their choice of these two films will probably give you a fair idea of where they are coming from lyrically. Unfortunately, I don’t speak Italian, let alone Italian in a demonic accent.

I am sure these guys are desperate to explain their political and social beliefs to a cold and indifferent world and I have done my best to explain their ideology as I see it from the evidence on offer. I am sure than are well intentioned even if they do speak the bleeding obvious (albeit in tongues). However, the music, to quote Shakespeare, is all sound and fury and it signifies nothing apart from the urgent need for these boys to find girlfriends. - Bob Short



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