We review music that rocks AND rolls, is genuine in intent and unbridled in its delivery. Real Rock Action. If you’re not sure that you fit, have a trawl through the Bar and see what names we drop. Our postal address is:

PO Box 105
Mortdale 2223


We have a range of reviewers with wide tastes. When you send something, we’ll try and place it with someone who might be a remote chance of liking it. The so-called Detroit/garage rock/punk strain is our forte, but we often push the envelope in search of new sounds, so surf, powerpop, blues and most other rockin’ stuff is welcome. We draw the line at hair bands, heavy metal posers, Jimmy Barnes, The Man Who Sang Joey Ramone to His Death (aka Bono), emo (whatever that is) and death metal.

We don’t review shit. Well, rarely. That’s why you’ll find most of the reviews we do are glowing, at best, and lukewarm, at worst. We write about the stuff we like. Sometimes, we even pay for it.


We generally don’t review demos unless they’re publicly available. If so, make it clear when you send it. We sometimes rant about unreleased demos, but it’s rare. The reason is that the Real Rock Action is to share.

Voluminous books of a band’s press clippings in French are hard to read if English is your only language. Spend the postage on beer instead. Most of us are based in Australia. We’d love to come to your show in Wherethefuckarewe, Wisconsin, but please send a return airfare.

We welcome prospective new reviewers and interviewers. The pay is crap but you might score some free music. Please drop us a line before sending a submission. And don’t submit an interview with the band you manage or play in. That sucks.

We are opening on online shop to sell, on consignment, a select range of stuff that we like. Drop us a line if you think you fit and we can work a deal. We’re also available for weddings, parties, funerals, website design and hosting your banner ad. Prices on application.