Mick Harvey, JP Shilo and Louis Tillett in Adelaide

Kraftwerk at the Sydney Vivid festival

Hoodoo Gurus and the Lime Spiders in Adelaide 2013

Reverend Horton Heat in Adelaide

Melbourne Dig It Up 2013

Jello Biafra and Grong Grong in Adelaide

Blue Oyster Cult sideshow in Sydney

Flamin Groovies with Peter Case in Sydney by Bob Short

Buzzcocks live in Adelaide by Robert Brokenmouth

Buzzcocks live in Adelaide by Geoff Cahir

Heath Cullen and Kim Dellavadova in Adelaide

Flamin Groovies with Peter Case sideshow in Sydney by Stewart Cunningham

Dig It Up 2013 Sydney

Dig It Up 2013 Gold Coast

Dig It Up 2013 Brisbane

The Barman reviews Iggy & the Stooges in Sydney

Bob Short reviews Iggy & the Stooges in Sydney

Robert Brokenmouth reviews Iggy & the Stooges in Adelaide

Deniz Tek in Melbourne

Psychotic Turnbuckles in Sydney

The Pretty Things in Sydney

Spencer P Jones in Adelaide

Barry Adamson in Adelaide

Dave Graney in Adelaide

Afghan Whigs in Sydney

Adam Ant in Sydney by Bob Short

Roky Erickson in Sydney by Bob Short

Roky Erickson in Sydney by Mr Intolerance

Roky Erickson in Sydney by The Barman

The Damned in Sydney

Huxton Creepers in Geelong

New York Dolls in Adelaide

Alice Cooper live in Sydney 2011

Screaming Tribesmen in Sydney

Screaming Tribesmen in Melbourne

Harry Howard and the NDE

New Christs in Germany 2011

77 Sunset Strippers in Sydney

The Painkillers + Spencer P Jones in Melbourne

New Christs - last night of the Excelsior

Happy Hate Me Note + Decline of the Reptiles in Sydney

Roy Loney in Detroit

Sydney Big Day Out by Earl O'Neill

Sydney Big Day Out (Iggy & the Stooges) by The Barman

Sydney Big Day Out by Bob Short

Melbourne Big Day Out by Ian Davis

Blondie and The Pretenders in Sydney

Simon Chainsaw Australian Tour Diary

DollSquad at the Hordern Pavillion, Sydney

Hitmen at Jets Sports Club, Tempe

Dimi Dero Inc at the Grace Emily Hotel, Adelaide

Chris Klondike Masuak & The North 40 in Adelaide

Iggy & the Stooges, ATP,NY State

New Christs and Hits at the Excelsior Hotel, Sydney

Paul Collins Beat live in Ottawa, Canada

Johnny Casino, Los Chicos, Chris Klondike Masuak and The Dunhill Blues live in Sydney

Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave Show
+ One Man Destruction Show in Oslo

Hitmen 30th Birthday Riot at the Sando in Sydney

Chris Bailey and Ed Kuepper in Sydney

Iggy & the Stooges in London

Dollsquad at the Sandringham Hotel, Sydney

Niagara & the Hitmen at the Gaelic Club in Sydney

Voodoo Lust, The Barbarellas and
25th Floor at the Sando in Sydney

AC/DC in Sydney

The Dirty Three and the Laughing Clowns at Sydney's Enmore Theatre

Wilshire Street Noise post-punk show at the Sandringham Hotel, Newtown

The Zeros in Dallas, Texas, October 2009

Intercontinental Playboys + La Mancha Negra
+ The Snoozefests at the Sando

New Christs at the Sando

Celibate Rifles, Ride Ons and
Sandpaper in Newcastle

Buzzocks and The Spazzys in Adelaide

The Snowdroppers, Clairy “Baby” Brown
and the Bangin’ Rackettes
and Kirk Special at The Bridge Hotel, Rozelle, Sydney

Hitmen, Decline Of The Reptiles and
Young Docteurs at the Sando, Sydney

Tumbleweed's return to live shows

The Soul Movers at Notes, Newtown

The Soul Movers in Newcastle

The Passengers in Sydney

The Stems, Mick Hadley & The Others, the Booby Traps
and The Snoozefests in Sydney

X live in Adelaide

Flip Out festival in Sydney

New Christs in Lismore

Flipper + X at the Manning Bar, Sydney
plus X at the Excelsior, Surry Hills, Sydney

The Alohas, The Intercontinental Playboys,
The Elephant Gods and The Archebolds in Sydney

New Christs in Paris

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds with Ed Kuepper in Oslo

New Christs + The Holy Curse
+ The Layers in Marseille

Decline of The Reptiles and The Booby Traps at
The Empire of Annandale

The Hard-Ons in Koln, Germany

X and Decline of the Reptiles at The Empire of Annandale

Neil Young at the Big Day Out in Sydney

Spiritualized + Silver Apples in Sydney

The Hives in Sydney

"Thanks a Million, Ronnie":
Ron Asheton Tribute

All Tomorrow's Parties in Sydney
(Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The Saints, Laughing
Clowns, Dead Meadow and more)

Les Black's Amazing Pink Holes in Cleveland

New Christs double-setter at the Excelsior in Sydney

Died Pretty at Homebake 2008

The Hitmen + Johnny Casino & The Secrets
+ Ghost Valley at Annandale

New Christs in Sweden

The (Detroit) Dogs in Japan

New Christs in Munich

New Christs in Madrid

New Christs two-setter in Sydney

The Last of the Bad Men in British Columbia

Spencer P. Jones, Ooga Boogas and Frowniung Clouds in Melbourne

New Christs + The Holy Soul
+ Dimi Dero Inc in Sydney

Carmen Leone + Dimi Dero Inc + Penny Ikinger Inc in Sydney

The Stems in Melbourne

Magic Christian at
SXSW 2008

Supersuckers in NYC

Jay Reatard and The Dirtbombs in Melbourne

Voodoo Lust + Jack Nasty Face + Daredevil
+ Atomicide at The Empire

The BellRays + The Mess Hall
ast The Metro, Sydney

The Hitmen with Niagara + The Visitors
+ Southern Preachers at Sylvania (1)

The Hitmen with Niagara + The Visitors
+ Southern Preachers at Sylvania (2)

Died Pretty and Ed Kuepper at the Sydney Don't Look Back show

The Frowning Clouds and The Dolly Rocker Movement
at The Tote, Melbourne

The Hitmen in Wollongoing and Sydney 2007

Radio Birdman Tour Diaires by Andrew "Mort" Bradley and Ron Sanchez

The Gore Gore Girls in Tulsa

Klondike's North 40 Sydney CD launch

The Wrong Turn, Leadfinger and Ned Alphabet and The Letters in Sydney

Lime Spiders in Fremantle

Kryptonics reformation in Perth

The Hydromatics
in Madrid

Hoodoo Gurus and The Fleshtones in New Jersey

Hoodoo Gurus, Radio Birdman and The Stems in Wollongong

Hoodoo Gurus in Brighton, UK

The Kelpies with Bored! and Negative Waves in Sydney

Holy Soul + Leadfinger + James McCann + The Disbelievers

Radio Birdman in San Diego

Radio Birdman in Baltimore

Celibate Rifles and Cosmic Psychos in Melbourne

Radio Birdman at Annandale

Lou Reed in NYC

Beasts of Bourbon in Melbourne

The King Brothers in Melbourne

Roky Erickson & The Explosives in NYC

Spencer P Jones album launch + Capital City in Melbourne

The Specimens
Sydney album launch

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives in Manhattan

New York Dolls in Sydney

Hoodoo Gurus in Philly

LA Guns
+ The Bullettboys
Havok in Hollywood
+ The Saviours
in Gaithersburg, MD

Bob Seger in Philly

Louis Tillett in Melbourne

Teengenerate reunion in Melbourne

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives
+ Johnny Casino & The Secrets
+ Bower Birds
+ KamikazeTrio at
The Tote

The Painkillers
+ James McCann's
Dirty Skirt Band
+ Brian Henry Hooper
at The Tote

The Painkillers in Sydney plus Night 2 of the Shake It festival

Penny Ikinger Inc in Spain

Vindicator Smooth in Sydney

Little Steven's Underground Garage Show with The Shadows of Knight and The Romantics

Ian Rilen Benefit with Rose Tattoo, Beasts of Bourbon, Hoodoo Gurus & more

Radio Birdman in Italy

Radio Birdman in Paris

Radio Birdman in Paris

Radio Birdman in Milan

Vindicator Smooth at the Excelsior, Surry Hills

The Buzzcocks + Happy Hate Me Nots in Brisbane

Radio Birdman in London

Radio Birdman in Philadelphia

Roddy Ray'da at the Hoey

Spencer P Jones album launch in Melbourne

Radio Birdman
in Washington D.C.

Radio Birdman in San Francisco

Radio Birdman in San Francisco and Seattle

Radio Birdman at
Newcastle Leagues

Radio Birdman at
Caringbah Bizzos

Radio Birdman at
Club Capital, Perth

The Sacred Cowboys at Cherry Bar, Melbourne

Radio Birdman + The Hard Ons at Yallah Roadhouse, NSW

More Radio Birdman at The Corner from Patrick Emery

Paul Zarucky catches Radio Birdman at the Corner

Radio Birdman + The BellRays at the Hi Fi Bar, Melbourne

Radio Birdman + The BellRays at Moorooduc

The BellRays + Johnny Casino & The Secrets at Annandale

Radio Birdman at the Metro - The Barman's review

Radio Birdman at the Metro - Steve Robinson's review

Bang! Records showcase
with Ian Rilen & The Love Addicts + Bored! + Penny Ikinger & The Evolution + Bakelite Age

Klondike's North 40 + The Dead Set

Blue Oyster Cult in Michigan

Blast Off! 2 with
Adolphus + The Mystaken
+ The Naked Eye
+ King Felix

The Kelpies + Tiger By The Tail + Hits at The Empire, Annandale

Ian Rilen & The Love Addicts
at Newtown, June 23 2006

New Christs +
TV Men + The Holy Curse
in Paris 2006

Beasts of Bourbon +
The Pain Killers
in Fremantle

New Christs +
The Passengers at Annandale

New Christs + The Monstrous Blues + Bullitt at the Oxford Tavern, Wollongong

SixFtHick + The Nation Blue
+ The Stabs at the Spanish Club, Melbourne

Adrian Belew
+ Penny Ikinger & The Evolution at Ruby's Lounge

Vindicator Smooth +
The Passengers +
Madeleine Chase
in Sydney

Vindicator Smooth
+ The Pasengers (a hazier perspective)

Rolling Stones in Sydney

Cosmic Psychos + Nunchukka Superfly + The Kamikaze Trio in Sydney

The Drones
+ The Double Agents
+ Tiger By The Tail
at The Tote

Shake It Festival: The Crusaders, Johnny Casino & The Secrets, The Alohas & Mink Jaguar

Radio Birdman in Perth

Thought Criminals at the Annandale Hotel

Radio Birdman at the Prince of Wales, St Kilda - Patrick Emery's take

Radio Birdman at the Prince of Wales, St Kilda - TJ Honeysuckle's take

The Stooges, Beasts of Bourbon and Brian Hooper in Perth

The Swedish Magazines
+ Jed Whitey
+ Hyest
+ Richie & The Creeps in Sydney

Ian Rilen & the Love Addicts at the Vanguard, Newtown

Radio Birdman at Coffs Harbour

The Stepfords at the Hopetoun Hotel, Sydney

Vindicator Electro at The Empire, Annandale

Radio Birdman at Coolangatta

The Stooges at the Melbourne BDO

The Stooges at the Sydney BDO

Billy Childish in Sydney, December 2005

The Mark of Cain, Sydney,
January 2005

The Visitors + The Survivors at the Gaelic Theatre, Sydney

The Fleshtones in Vancouver 2005

Homebake Festival, Sydney

The Visitors + The Survivors at the Northern Star, Newcastle 2005

Six Ft Hick + Ian Rilen & The Love Addicts at Annandale Hotel

"Outta Contol Rock 'n' Roll" launch with Hoss, The Onyas, the Meatbeaters, the Sailors,
Spencer P. Jones, Sly Faulkner and The Roobs

Vindicator Electro + Holy Curse + Mink Jaguar at The Empire, Annandale

Vindicator Electro at The Empire

Holy Curse at The Empire

Holy Curse at the Rob Roy, Melbourne

Hard Ons in London

The Meanies + Cosmic Psychos + Sin City in Sydney

The Rolling Stones in Washington D.C., 2005

Pete Wells Benefit in Melbourne

Holy Curse and The Unheard in Wollongong

Holy Curse Australian
tour part one

Radio Birdman at Yallah Roadhouse

Radio Birdman at Manly Fishos

Johnny Casino's Easy Action + Grande Cobra + Holy Curse in Paris

The Hellacopters in Paris

Radio Birdman at Showdown at Sundown 2005, Newcastle

Stoneage Romeos at the Funhouse Pub, Morlaix, France

The Stooges at Bumbershoot, Seattle 2005

Stooges, NY Dolls et al at Bumbershoot 2005 in Seattle

Brian Henry Hooper's Spanish tour

Come Together 2
(You Am I, the D4, The Casanovas and others)

Ian Rilen & the Love Addicts + The Busymen + Mink Jaguar in Sydney

Loveshark & The Stoner Funk Orchestra + Dimension 12

Lords of Gravity + The Intercontinental Playboys + Mink Jaguar + King Felix In Sydney

Giants of Science+ Front End Loader + The Whats at Annandale

Beasts of Bourbon + Six Ft Hick + The Birdblobs at the Gaelic Club, Sydney

Earl O'Neill's view of the Beasts of Bourbon's Sydney show

Radio Birdman at The Corner Hotel, July 30 2005

The Gimmies at The Tote

Penny Ikinger (with special guest Deniz Tek) + Louis Tillett in Sydney

The Gimmies in Sydney

Two views of the Drones: album launches in Sydney & Melbourne

The Mess Hall + Whirlwind Heat, Gaelic Club, Sydney

Radio Birdman + The Specimens at Annandale

Radio Birdman + The Specimens + The Clear Spots at Annandale

Detroit Cobras + Boobytraps
+ Up Jumped the Devil
in Sydney

A Night With Ian Rilen
(with Charlie Owen and Tex Perkins)

Off the Hip Records Birthday Bash in Melbourne

Six Fit Hick + The Booby Traps
at Annandale Hotel, Sydney

Ian Rilen & The Pushers + Steve Lucas in Sydney

Ian Rilen & The Love Addicts in Sydney

The Saints + Citizen + Holy Curse in Paris

Doomfoxx in Sydney

Johnny Casino's Easy Action at the Lansdowne, Sydney

Johnny Casino's Easy Action at the Town Hall Hotel, North Melbourne

Powertrane feat. Scott Morgan at SXSW, Austin, Texas

The Saints in Stockholm
March 20, 2005

Johnny Casino's Easy Action at the Empire Hotel, Sydney

DKT/MC5 in Brest, France

Mudhoney, Celibate Rifles and The Holy Soul in Sydney, February 27, 2005

The D4, Sway and The Substitutes in Sydney, January 2005

The Hives in Sydney, January 27, 2005

Radio Birdman in Brisbane and Maroohydore

Radio Birdman in Byron Bay

Radio Birdman Dark Surprise Tour - Sydney and Newcastle
The Johnnys
+ Gentle Ben and His Sensitive Side + The Muddy Spurs
at Annandale

Sheek the Shayk's final gig, Asteroid B612 and Vindicator Electro Rollcage + Jed Whitey + Beware of the Dog in Sydney

Roger McGuinn in Detroit, October 2004

The Florenteens farwell show, Washington DC "Wig Out"
The Stems conquer Melbourne

"Wig Out"
The Stems + Even
+ The Crusaders + The Cants
+ The Boobytraps at Sydney Uni

Gazoonga Attack +
Digger & The Pussycats
+ The High Society

The Spazzys, Mach Pelican
and King Felix in Sydney

The Scientists Euro tour
warm-up show, Melbourne

SALMON at the Tote Hotel, Melbourne

Gore Gore Girls in Washington DC & Baltimore

The Solution in Stockholm
Celibate Rifles at the Espy,
St Kilda

DKT/MC5 live in London

Celibate Rifles live at the KB Hotel, Surry Hills
(tour warm-up)

Salmon at the Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne

Final take on the DKT/MC5 in Sydney (by Simon Li)

Destroit Slick at Little Steven's Underground Garage Festival in NYC

The Blue Van in NYC

Another view of DKT/MC5 at Coggee Bay Live

The Pinkslips at Arlington, Virginia

DKT + Young Heart Attack
+ Giants of Science, Coogee Bay Live

DKT + Lime Spiders + Asteroid B612, Gaelic Club, Sydney

DKT-MC5 + Young Heart Attack at The Palace, St Kilda

Asteroid B612 + The M-16's
+ The New Professionals at Annandale Hotel

The Moodists + Teenwolf
at the Tote, Melbourne

The Casanovas + The Spazzys
at The Tote, Melbourne

Two reviews of the Stooges at Download Festival, Glasgow

DKT-MC5 in Washington DC

DKT-MC5 in New York City and Philadelphia

Another DKT-MC5 review from Detroit

DKT-MC5 in Detroit

Klondike's North 40 + Pubert Brown Fridge Occurrence in Sydney

Jay Farrar in Sydney

The Casanovas Sydney album launch

Ed Kuepper at The Basement

Marky Ramone + The Spazzys
in Sydney,
May 2, 2004

SXSW 2004 in Austin, Texas

Bored!, The Blacklist, The Onyas & Roll Cage at the Tote

Beasts of Bourbon at the Gaelic Club, Sydney

Gentle Assassins in Sydney

Klondike's North 40
+ Sheek the Shayk
+ The Meek at the Empire Hotel, Annandale

Radio Birdman at the Meredith Festival Sheek the Shayk, The Crisps,
Tito Rivera in Sydney

Iggy Pop in Philadelphia

Radio Birdman live in Sydney

Celibate Rifles at Harbord Diggers

Pubert Brown Fridge Occurrence + Penny Ikinger + Ian Rilen in Sydney

Ian Rilen in Sydney

Killing Joke at the Metro, Sydney

Turbonegro + Hard Ons in
Sydney - another view

Radio Birdman in Perugia, Italy

Turbonegro + Hard Ons
In Sydney

Radio Birdman in Oslo

The Kelpies & Asteroid B612 at

Livid Sydney 2003 with
Turbonegro, the Hellacopters, White Srtipes, Gazoonga Attack,
the Living End,
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club,
Linkin Park,
Less Than Jake

Steve Holland and Radio Birdman
at the Mean Fiddler, London

Stefan Karlsson's Radio
Birdman Oslo pic gallery

The Stooges in Spain by David Rippingdale

The Stooges in Spain by Tony Sanders

Roger the Engineer catches Radio Birdman in Tourcoing

Birdman in Tourcoing - words by
Antoine Makhno, pix by Joost Dierick

Radio Birdman at Bologna
by Allessio Caspanello

Steve Holland's review of
Radio Birdman at Solingen

Steve Holland's review of
Radio Birdman at Bielefeld

The Casanovas, Intercooler and
The Specimens in Sydney

Photo gallery of Radio Birdman
in Nancy, France

The Stooges in Spain, 2003
+ photo gallery

The Stooges live in France 2003
Birdman at the Mean Fiddler

Birdman at the Mean Fiddler

Birdman at the Mean Fiddler, London

Another two Radio Birdman reviews from Germany, with support from the
Dirtshakes and the Hydromatics

Radio Birdman in Solingen, Germany

Radio Birdman at the Independents Day Festival, Bologna, Italy

Radio Birdman at Perugia (1)

Radio Birdman at Perugia (2)

Radio Birdman in Nottingham

Radio Birdman in Eysines, France

The Mess Hall, City Lights &
The Tremors
in Sydney

The Persian Rugs and Sevelives at Cronulla

Another UK Birdman report, this time from Jelly in Nottingham

Radio Birdman, Fifty Foot Combo
Salle Le Vigean , Eysines
September 4, 2003

Two reviews of Radio Birdman, Holy Curse and the Neurotic Swingers in Nancy, France

Lou Reed at the State Theatre, Sydney

Radio Birdman at the Rescue Room,
Nottingham, 2003

Chucky Monroes, Lowdorados, the Meek,
Richie & the Creeps at Annandale;
The Re-Mains at the Sly Fox

Roxy Music at the DTE, Michigan

"Evil Rumours" album launch with
X, Nanker Phelge and Sheek the Shayk

Jet and Mess Hall in Sydney

Two nights of Deep Reduction by the Barman

Deep Reduction and the Sneekers at Sylvania by John McPharlin

Deep Reduction, Roll Cage and Riffter
at the Gaelic Club by John McPharlin

Mike Watt and the Secondmen, The Greenhornes, Supersuckers, The 45's, ZZ Top, Ted Nugent, the Cramps, Sickidz, the Dictators, Cobra Verde, Lou Reed, the Fleshtones, Easy Action, Garlan Jeffreys, Rocket From the Tombs, Sylvain Sylvain, X
The D4 in England

The Goodshirt in Sydney

The Bats in Sydney

"Tales From the Australian Underground" launch (X, Ed Kuepper, The Moodists, Ups & Downs)

In Vivo, Roll Cage and Pig Iron
in Balmain

The Monarchs + Jet
The Monarchs + Youth Group + Roger the Engineer
(two archived shows)

The Datsuns + Sahara Hotnights
in Sydney

X and Fourplay at the Annandale

Celibate Rifles Sideroxylon 20th anniversary show

X's "I Love Rock and Roll" EP Sydney launch

Chris Wilson in Sydney

The Stooges at Coachella

The Stooges, the Dictators, Biue Oyster Cult, the Drones, AC/DC, Scott Morgan's Powertrane, Turbonegro, Television &
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives

Klondike's North Forty/The Klondike Situation

Died Pretty's final Melbourne

Radio Birdman, You Am I, The D4 and Rocket Science at Homebake:
John McPharlin's take

Another very cool take on Homebake

Radio Birdman, The D4, Rocket Science at Homebake

Radio Birdman, The D4 at Woonona-Bulli RSL

Shutdown 66 plus the Sailors
in Sydney

Roll Cage in Sydney

Bob Geldof in Sydney

The MC Five: A Testimonial
UK premiere in London

The Dictators, Celibate Rifles
Live at Manly

Dictators, Celibate Rifles and The Casonovas at Sylvania

Died Pretty at the
Prince of Wales, St Kilda

Rebecca Hancock and the Prison Wives



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