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8 Piece Records
Punk label run by a US serviceman in Baghdad. No puns about rocking any Casbahs.

Acetate Records
Sonny Vincent, Supersuckers and Hangmen. Say no more.

Alive/Total Energy
Get on board for the Stooges, MC5, Dodge Main, Deviants and a whole lot more. Doing re-issues right.

American Ruse Records
New label, hosting Powertrane featuring Scott Morgan and Sweet Justice.

Vast catalogue from a garage/punk/power pop label that's a quarter of a century young.

Bootleg Booze
Great Scandi label with some scorching stuff.

Career Records
New venture for Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman) and Ron Sanchez (Donovan's brain). Music to burn your eye and melt your mind.

Captain Trip
Japanese indie offering impossible-to-find stuff from Wayne Kramer, the Deviants, Rob Tyner, Moe Tucker, Doug Yule.

Citadel Records
Best label on the planet. Radio Birdman, Deniz Tek, DM3, Died Pretty and John Needham's speedy mail order service.

Corduroy Records

Cool range of vinyl and the only place left in Australia to get things pressed onto shiny black plastic.

Australian home for the Supersuckers, the Maggots, the Strollers and other choice acts.

Divine Rites Records
Didier Georgieff's home of the Citadel tributes and forthcoming stuff by Holy Curse and Bad Ass Chainsaw Roadshow.

Dropkick Records
Quadrajets and Brisbane dead-set legends the Leftovers.

EC Productions
Adelaide-based label and distro, from DNA publisher Harry Butler

Great US garage label, run by rock-infatuated Dave Crider. Current US home of the great Nomads.

Eye in Time
Independent label serving the beatfreaks of the 60's and 80's garage revival & psych sounds.

Fandango Records
Cop the Flattery Radio Birdman tributes and Adam West stuff.

Fast Food
Some pretty tasty Australian and New Zealand garage pickings.

Heptown Records
Rec label, garage, etc

Get Hip
More garage greatness.

Ghostrider Records
French home of Sour Jazz, Mr Ratboy and Jerry Spider Gang.

Half a Cow

Nic Dalton's label now boasts Kim Salmon and the Business plus retrospectives from the Missing Links and the Eastern Dark.

High Beam Music
They call it stoner. We call it rock.

I-94 Bar Records
Our very own label.

Jungle Records
Johnny Thunders lives on.

Laughing Outlaw
You'll be laughing when your ears around some of this powerpop and Australian home to the Dictators.

Low Impact

Home of the fabulous Strollers.

Magic Monster Records
Hear the notorious glam-punk Vampire Lovers from Brisbane.

Moody Monkey
Garage punk from Hamburg.

Motor City Music
Rob Tyner Band and the Torpedoes.

Muscle Tone Records
Wayne Kramer's label outta LA.

NKVD Records
Great label (Gamma Men, Chainsaw Men) and catalogue from Steve Gardner. Your Stateside resource for ordering Citadel, Euro-rock and Brit-punk stuff - and for the ace 'zine, Noise for Heroes.

The Birdman tribute CDs. Get them. Now.

One Way Street
Citadel offshoot and home to the Hard Ons, Nunchukka Superfly and Wonderfools

Safety Pin

Putting Spain on the map as Rock Action Central.

Spooky Records
Home to Spencer P. Jones.

Stardumb Records
Epicentre of the Euro punkpop revolution.

Steel Cage Records
From the folks at Carbon 14 mag comes this excellent label.

Re-issue City.

Brazil's home of the Celibate Rifles, Vanilla Chainsaws and more.

Wild Eagle
Laurie Ollie, The Exotics, the Hekawis and more. Vinyl from Brisbane.

Zip Records
Powerpop doesn't get much better than this roster.


Aeroplane Records
Not everything out of Tasmania has two heads or sex with its sister.

Au Go Go Records

Well-established Melbourne store. Online ordering isn't up to speed yet.

Australian Music Books
Home of DNA magazine and some damn fine noisy music, as well as EC Productions label and distro.

Birdman Sound
Cool name. Out of Canada.

The Dahlhaus
Jeff Dahl's zine is one of the best in the business. He also sells cool music.

Psychedelic and freakbeat mail order

Store with rocking stuff

Modern World
New mail order site for a range of stuff, including 60s, beat and punk.

Mondo Bizarro
You'll freak when you see the video list. Budget punk vinyl too.

NKVD Records
Download the form and order away. Energy, guts, melody.

Off the Hip
Australia's premier garage/powerpop 'zine and fast-growing label becomes a shop.

Melbolurne's home of weird arse books and DVDs

Red Eye Records
One of Sydney's best.

Rhino Records
Re-issues galore.

Rocking Horse Records
Venerable Brisvegas store with lots of nice stock.

Online photo ordering. Some cool bands, too.

Sound Flat
Great range from a dealer in Germany. Get on their mailing list.

US Records Store Guide
A gem for travellers, for which we are indebted to Russell Hopkinson.

Vicious Sloth Collectables
Vicious prices too, but where else are you going to find it?

Vinyl Solution
Lots to see and buy in collectables.


The Big Takeover
Online version of the mag.

Blank Generation

Mighty punk e-zine.

Carbon 14

On-line version of the cool zine.

Swiss rock 'zine. They make more than clocks and chocolate.

Comprehensive zine from a record store in France, with some good English content in the news section.

Dead Beat Magazine
Documenting low lifestyles, from Denmark

Dead Flowers
Garage, punk, soul, psych and lots more.

Particularly worthy Detroit-oriented e-zine.

DNA magazine
You'll find it here, 20 years strong, at the virtual home of the renowned Harry Butler

EMDS Rockzine
Some great stuff from a new colleague in e-zines.

Junk Rock
Great up-to-date zine with lots of news and views on bands like the Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, Gaza Strippers, Gluecifier and the Hydromatics. Run by Rat Fink, formerly of Alien Sex Fiend.

La Bruta
Finland spawns a garage rock and powerpop zine.

Low Cut
Great new e-zine from Denmark with its finger on the pulse. From the folks at Bad Afro, one of the world's greatest labels.

Mohair Sweets
Sharp-looking web presence for a garage zine.

Noise for Heroes
Zine you can't do without if you're an I-94 Bar patron.

No Rule
"The only mag in Sweden that writes about bands like MC5, Radio Birdman, Stooges, Hellacopters and The D4".

Obscene Zine
If you're a fun of punk, it would be obscene not to check it out. Australian, too.

Off The Hip
Our fave zine. All things Oz and garage. Also a fast growing label.

Perfect Sound Forever
Stooges, Beefheart and the MC5. Not your average e-zine.

Pop on Top
All the news in Australian power pop from Neal McCabe.

Online zine and a good 'un.

The Rawk
Manthon and Janthon are people of great taste who love The Rawk.


A print zine and a label, it's from France. And English version is here.

Fellow travellers, even if their style isn't as self-consciously retro as ours...


All Music Guide
Handy reference guide.

Australian Music Database
Authoritative and massive.

Australian Music Scrapbook
Lots of information, updated often

Australian Music Encyclopedia
Ian MacFarlane's useful guide to who's who in the incestuous zoo gives appropriate space to people outside the mainstream.

Beyond the Beat Generation
Streaming '60s punk music. Playlists updated regularly.

Blackshadow Photography

Bar contributor Richard Sharman's rock photography agency.

Book Your Own Fucking Life

Great punk resource. Book your own fucking tour!

Campbell Guitars
Custom-made in Detroit.

Creem Magazine
Boy Howdy!

Mark Murrmann's invaluable guide to punk compilations.

Roger the Guitar Engineer from France...anyone for a custom-made white Epiphone Crestwood?

Feel Presents
Australian promoters of most tours that are cool.

Grunnen Rocks
Truly cool garage music links from outta the Netherlands.

Hawaiian Express
A resource for Pacific punk bands, coming out of Hawaii.

House of the Rising Punk
Bigger than Ben Hur.

The Indie Contact Bible

What it says it is.

Indie Resource Land
Links, links and links!

Inner City Sound
The godhead of swap pages. Great Australian music from the Golden Age of the '70s and '80s.

Ohblabla (New York Punk)
Archived interviews with the movers and shakers. Mindblowing.

Simon Li's Australian Links
Hard rockin' list of bands and sites.

Motor City's Burning
More Motor City memories.

Motor City Rock and Roll
Get the "Motor City Rockin' CD here online. Upcoming CD by the Detroit band too.

Motor City Rocks
Great resource for rockin' in the Murder City.

The Next Big Thing
New home for this indispensable Rock Action resource. You'll find the archived stuff here.

No Night Sweats
Great resource on Aussie post-punk and art punk music. Lotsa of MP3s.

PBS Radio

Passionate, Innovative and Fiercely Independent. Live on the Net.

Poison Heart Badges
Great place to have your band's badges and buttons produced at the right price.

Pop on Top Radio
MP3s as an adjunct to the Australian zine from Neal McCabe of great rock-pop.

Perth Punk
Home of Perth's first punk band The Geeks. Read the evidence that they beat The Victims to the punch and presaged some of their best songs.

Prepare to Enter the Garage
Great garage music links.

Spike Priggen
Unusual and arcane music and video from this US cult artist

Great psych music links page.

Punk search engine.

Still pumping out worthwhile music video programs in the wee small hours of weekends. Here's their weekly playlist (if you're in Australia.)

Marcia Resnick
NY photographer extraordinaire

Get your music news from here, not shitty Rolling Stone.

Rock Action Inc
Hats and T-shirts from Scott Asheton of the Stooges. Inactive right now.

Search and Destroy
Punk rock portal and search engine.

Leni Sinclair
Legendary Detroit photographer's snaps of the MC5, Stooges, The Up and more.

Sweet Jeane
European booker with tons of links and resources online.

Great music (and other media) festival in Austin, Texas.

Trouser Press
Surprisingly relevant and well-informed.

Tym Guitars
Tim's built guitars for Brad Shepherd, Nicke Royale, Lenny (Tumbleweed), members of Screamfeeder, Rocket Science,Grinspoon ,Magic Dirt, Blood Idols, Asylum 66, Mach Pelikan and Dave Champion.

The Wayback Machine
Kopper's site is more than a link to his 60s punk radio show out of St Louis, but a garage resource. Worth a visit.


The Alternate Music Show
Great two hours of weekly lost and forgotten punk, psych and garage music from the 1960s to the present that goes to air on 2-SER-FM in Sydney. This is host Wayne DZ's site.

Roberta Bayley
NY punk scene photographer extraordinaire

The Blank Generation - NY Music Scene
You'll know these people.

Born to Lose
Shoestring American punk film that hopefully coming to a theatre or video shop near you. There's a soundtrack, MP3s of which are here.

Web site, based on the popular hipster handbooks The Catalog of Cool and Too Cool.

The cradle of NY punk is online.

The Dean reads like he's marking school essays. Needs to emote. Can do better.

Ciancio's Tattoo
Guess this guy is a Radio Birdman fan.

Dead Teen Songs
So cool. With lyrics and all.

Detroit Rock and Roll
You know we're suckers for this shit! Lotsa links...

Mike Fornatale and The Monks

Would you be good enough to step up and sing for The Monks?

The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit
" 'Troited to the Max" - Mark Sisto

Fuller Up - The Dead Musician Directory
A useful resource for those not listed in it.

Head in a Milk Bottle

Kopper is Garage Punk's Everywhereman. New host for this one.

The Illustrated Man
Sydney tattoo shop and home to Johnny Casino of Asteroid B612 fame

Jump the Shark
When did your faqvorite TV show "jump the shark" and commit itself to oblivion?

Swinging NYC bar owned by the Handsomest Man in Rock and Roll.

Australian music, 1964-75. Mainly prog and mainstream and a great links page. Warning: Anally retentive mailing list.

Mullets galore
Pay homage to the haircut. Funniest page on the web. No shit.

Murder City Comix
Seriously cool shit.
Links to some seriously deranged Netizens. Awesome.

Richard's Rock Pics
One of the Bar's reviewers stakes out his own patch of cyberspace.

Rockfield Studios
Legendary Welsh studio.

Sugar Hill Studios
Home of I-94 Bar interviewee and former Birdman roadie Andy "Mort" Bradley. Also home to the 13th Floor Elevators, Bubble Puppy, Roy Head, Sir Douglas Quintet, Archie Bell & the Drells, The Big Bopper and Hitmen DTK, who recorded "Moronic Inferno" there with Deniz Tek.

Timeless Gods
Come worship at the altar.

Trailer Park Page
People who are barred from the I-94 bar.

The Trash Compactor
What it says it is. Proves Germany has a sense of humour.
Home of copious US splatter movies.

Ugly People
What it says it is.

Watching You
Useless Stuff to Waste Your Valuable Time.

World's Worst Concept Albums
Some pearlers among this lot.



Deniz Tek
Ex-Radio Birdman, Soul Movers guitarist and solo artist

Ken Shimamoto
Ken blogs, you read.

The Houndblog
Via WMFU and the Lakeside Lounge ingood ol' NYC

Sons of the Dolls
Sons of the Dolls have impeccable taste in music

The Twilight Zone
The Twilight Zone is a good place to be

Kimmer is an Ann Arbor girl

Next Biig Thing
Next Big Thing with Lindsay Hutton

Dennis “Machine Gun” Thompson’s home on the web

Michael Davis
Ex-MC5 bassist

Garageland likes the real sounds

Garage Punk 66
Garage Punk 66 sometimes gets a little contemporary

Roya has her finger on the pulse of contemporary punk

Last Tram Home
TJ Honeysuckle keeps watch in Melbourne


Davie Allan
Mailing list for the King of the Fuzz Surf Guitar.

Alternative Top 40
A novel idea. Like an undeground Big Brother, you listen to the MP3s on this mailing list and vote off the ones you don't like.

The Big Takeover
Great magazine, fair to middling list noteworthy for its musical diversity.

Bomp List
Mega community of trash culture/60s punk-minded people.

Detroit Music Trading
Exactly what it says - for live or commercially unavailable music.

Died Pretty
Discussion about one of Oz's great bands, now past tense.

Divine Rites
Australian punk, garage and pop inspired by the world's best label, Citadel.

Dom Mariani
Australia's powerpop godfather (ex-DM3, Stems.)

Flamin' Groovies

Mostly Cyril-orientated (latter day) list for Groovies fans.


Brian Boes' diverse list of psych-garage inspired origins.

Garage Punk Forums
Kopper has launched this resource and if they served Crown Lager it'd be even more like home. Forums for every relevant musical sub-set, including Aussie rock.

Penny Ikinger
Mailing list for the Melbourne singer-guitarist.

The MC5-1967 mailing list. Kick 'em out!

Scott Morgan
Ex-Rationals and Sonics Rendezvous Band member, now leading Powertrane.

No Fun

All things Stooges and Ig-related.

Please Kill Me
Inspired by the scandalous NY punk book of the same name.

Poison Pen
Slavishly devoted and fun-loving Hoodoo Gurus fans.

Pop on Top
Alerts for updates to Neal McCabe's excellent Australian-based Garage and Pop site.

Psych Garage Trade
What it says it is.

Rock Like Fuck With The Dragons
Small group of fans of San Diego's wonderful Dragons.

Sonics Rendezvous Band
Blistering Michigan rock and roll.

Subway Train
Glam-trash, Thunderesque punk rock, hosted by Bro Col of Vicious Kitten records.

Texas Psych

Keeping the legacy of Roky Erickson alive with an extensive trading tree.

Louis Tillett
Sydney's enduring and engagingly dark singer-pianist has his own mailing list.

The Waldos

Fans of ex-Heartbreakers guitarist Walter "Waldo" Lure.


Bitter-sweet Rock Action from Brisvegas. Watch these guys - they should be huge.

The Accidents
Interesting sounding up-and-coming Sydney pop-rock band. Check out their MP3s.

Davie Allan and the Arrows
Fuzz surf guitar exponent and veteran of a thousand soundtracks

Ron Asheton
You need to ask?

The Atlantics
Aussie surf-beat legends return.

Great fan site outlining the histories of these Melbourne punk bands.

Raw garage rock from France, featuring Francois (ex Fixed up)

B-Movie Rats
Chuck Berry meets the Stooges. Amped-up Rock Action from the Midwest.

Geelong wah-wah kings. Get their double best-of.

Blood Idols

Brisbane punk-rockabilly stuff.

Blue Oyster Cult
The official site, with merch and all...

Bossbeat and the Rayguns
Quirky garage stuff from Sydney.

Brother Brick
Stew Cunningham's late but inspired band. Who else could make a song about socks sound so great?

Captain Beefheart
Sure 'nuff, n' yes, I do.

Michael Carpenter
Sublime Sydney powerpop

Celibate Rifles
Beyond respect.

Simon Chainsaw
Site for the one-man musical industry that is Simon Drew Vanilla Chainsaws, Greg Brady Overdrive, Chainsaw Men, Bad Ass Roadshow.)

Cheetah Chrome
Dead Boy not running scared.

Cosmic Psychos
Raise your glasses to Yob Rock.

Sydneysiders who've been around since 1994. Think of Snuff or Leatherface with a bit of Bodyjar and Greenday and you'll get the idea.

The Cynics

Gregg Kostelich (of Get Hip) plays in this great band.

The D4
Heartbreakers-inspired rawk from New Zealand.

Jeff Dahl
Punk glam to kick your arse.

The Danger Men
Lo-fi search-and-destroy garage punks from Brisvegas.

The Dead Set
Rob Younger-produced album from this Wollongong band.

The Dictators
The Next Big Thing. They WILL save rock and roll.

Died Pretty
Going ahead in leaps and bounds, now it's reactivated.

Back playing live, tentatively planning a studio album.

Maybe the best girl-garage band in Australia.

Donovan's Brain
Great psychedelic collective from Bozeman, Montana, driven by a true gentleman in Bay Area veteran, Ron Sanchez.

The Dragons
Truly great Heartbreakers/Stones-styled rock out of San Diego.

The Dry Retch
Anglo-Australian band playing Stooges/Birdman-inspired rock outta England.

The Electric Eels
True to the spirit of this seminal Cleveland band.

Mick Farren
You can't keep a good Deviant down...

Flamin' Groovies
Shake Some Action!

Flamin' Groovies
Cyril Jordan's own site.

Flaming Sideburns
More demented garage rock from near the Arctic circle. Time to testify, kids!

Frog Hollow
Garage psych and related to the Mutated Noddies.

You know Vox guitars and fuzz pedals are a perfect match. New album on the way.

Giants of Science
Brisbane's up-and-coming exponents of guitar groove.

R.I.P. Great Australian noise from rock prodigies who have gone on to Bored, the Powder Monkeys and the Yes Men.

Self-crowned Kings of Rock.

Girlie pop from Sydney. Who's that ugly bastard on drums?

Gun Crazy
Updated site for this Texan band with all the right influences.

Hard Ons
Official site for Sydney's enduring and undeniably great Hard Ons.

Official home of more guitar solos than you can poke a tuning fork at.

Richard Hell
He belonged to the Blank Generation.

Holy Curse
New site and still the best rock out of France in many a year.

Hoodoo Gurus
Great site for the late, great Sydney band (pity about the pop-ups)

The Hydromatics
Euro-punks meet Detroit legend Scott Morgan. R.I.P.

Penny Ikinger
Edgy, seductive and dark music from this Aussie chanteuse, formerly of the Wet Taxis but now solo.

Incredible Mohawk Brothers
Cult Detroit band from the '80s.

Intercontinental Playboys

Roky Erickson meets the Cramps at Dean Martin's penthouse. Cool Sydney garage.

Brisbane four-piece powerpop band on Rhythm Ace Records.

The Jack Saints
Cool punk action out of San Francisco.

Jerry Spider Gang
Funny name, fine band. Punk from France.

Kevin K
Former Road Vulture, now transplanted from NYC to LA. Vicious Kitten and 13th Street Records artist.

King Felix
Dark blues from Sydney.

Wayne Kramer
MC5 guitarist.

Ed Kuepper
Newish and excellent website for iconic guitarist and solo artist.

Lime Spiders
Back up and running after a year in limbo.

Simon Li
I-94 Bar writer and troubadour.

The Litter
Inspiration for many a Sydney fuzz band in the '80s.

Latin Dogs
Oldschool punk from Detroit. Free MP3s.

The Loose
Updated: From Italy, via Detroit and Sydney and they kick out serious jams. Get MP3s here.

Stooges tribute band from the UK, not to be confused with The Loose from Italy.

Psychotic Turnbuckles
Green-haired monsters of Sydney wrestling rock and roll

Robert Quine
Great site focussing on the career of an even greater guitarist and gentleman to boot.

Richard Lloyd
Television man. Beautiful site.

Freddie Lynxx
Thunders/Stones raunch with a Parisian twist.

Ann Arbor punk rock with surf, psych and sci-fi leanings.

Perth's most high-octane, hard-rocking, Sonics Rendezvous-influenced band.

Mach Pelican
You thought the Ramones were American? These guys are from Melbourne, via Japan.

Danny McDonald
Ex-P76 and Jericho mainman goes solo.

Little Green Fairy
In your face like only French punk-psych can be.

Mutated Noddies
Seminal South Coast punk from Wollongong (south of Sydney)

Rock Action from Hamburg, Germany. Say Guten Tag to Thomas Zink, Oz music enthusiast and true gentleman.

The Masters Apprentices
Turn Up Your Radio!

Best site for the Five we've seen. It's outta France.

MC5/Future Now Films

Future Now Films are putting out a movie. Time to testify. Buy the T-shirt, finance the release.

The Monarchs

R.I.P. Great Sydney band.

The Monks

Garage gods. The anti-Beatles. They hate you.

The Monstrous Blues
Big guitar groove rock sound from Wollongong.

Mooney Suzuki
Tough rocking garage pop from Greater NYC.

Scott Morgan
Official site for the Powertrane and Solution and ex Sonic's Rendezvous Band, Hydroimatics and Rationals member.

The Mutants
Not the veteran Detroit punk combo, but from Scandinavia

Mutated Noddys
Seminal Wollongong rockers, kicking it out since 1983.

Naked Eye
Superior rock from Melbourne with an ear-catching pop edge in the mould of the Sunnyboys.

New York Dolls
Back room of the Johnny Thunders Cyber Lounge where it's too much, too soon.

Artist, performance artist. Ex-Destroy All Monsters, Dark Carnival.

Totalitarian rock and roll from Amsterdam.

The Nomads
Original Kings of Scandi garage rock.

The Onyas
Brisbane's finest now drinking Melbourne dry.

Pink Fairies
Larry Wallis' home on the Net.

Pere Ubu
Cleveland's seminal art-punkers' web presence.

Powertrane featuring Scott Morgan
Preview the forthcoming album, keep up with the news.

Question Mark and the Mysterians
Official site.

Iggy Pop
Nice fan page.

Iggy Pop
World's forgotten boy.

Iggy Pop
Lotsa pix.

Iggy Pop and the Stooges
Definite place for all your Ig needs.

Powder Monkeys
Hard rockin' shit out of the Geelong school.

Like it sounds.

Pop with panache. Sydney's gift to Spain.

Radio Birdman

Official band site.

Rick Rivets
Original New York Dolls guitarist.

Joey Ramone

Dee Dee Ramone
Sadly, deceased.

The Ramones

Top of the pile. Jim Peoples runs the best resource around.

The Ramones

The Official Ramones Web Site run by their artist Arturo Vega

The Ramones
Jari-Pekka's massive Ramones site.

The Ramones
Some great pix.

The Ramones
Ramones 4-Ever is a new site.

The Ramones
One of the granddaddies. Lifestyles of The Ramones.

The Ramones
Great title, great site: The Band That Ate My Brain.

The Ramones
Carbona Corner is another well-established site.

The Ramones
Lyrics and guitar chords to almost every song.

Marky Ramone and the Intruders.
The Official website.

Gary Rasmussen
Detroit rock elder statesman and ex-Sonics Rendezvous Band member.

The Rationals
Drummer Bill Figg's site, charting the history of this great garage/blue-eyes soul band from Michigan.

Reckless Bastards
Reckless punk from some garage in Seattle. Hassle 'em for a demo!

Red Shift
Rockin' Melbourne outfit.

Lou Reed
Rock and Roll Animal site. Updated more often than Lou's.

Lou Reed
Moribund official home of Lou Reed.

Ian Rilen
Mr Rock 'n' Roll. R.I.P.

The latest from the High Beam Music stable. Young Turks fromt he Gong.

Roll Cage

Rocking garage punk-pop from Sydney. Grab their album "A Summer Full of Pussy" on Head Miles.

Rose Tattoo
New album out in Europe now.

The Saints/Chris Bailey
Everybody knows this monkey.

The Saints
Great fan page on the "original" Saints, with assistance from Ed Kuepper.

Sonic's Rendezvous Band
Only official, band-sanctioned website for the illustrious Michigan supergroup.

Sour Jazz
Damn fine rock and roll from NYC that swings and kicks and all that.

The Specimens
Melbourne band The Specimens - influenced by bands like The Lime Spiders, The Onyas, The Powder Monkeys, Bored and the Spoilers.

The Stabilsers
Very cool garage snarl from England, featuring ex-Prisoner/Headcoat Alan Crockford.

Rather cool site from France

Streetwalkin' Cheetahs
Your favourite well-mannered boys?

Ultra-cool Finish garage rock action.


Energetic Detroit rock band, containing two ex-Junk Monkeys

The Thermals
Australia's best undiscovered band. Sadly, no more...Nik Rieth (Deniz Tek Group, ex-Celibate Rifles, ex-New Christs) and two talented guitarists in Leigh Ivin and John Freckleton.

Deniz Tek
Former Radio Birdman mainman and Citadel solo artist.

Deniz Tek
Interview by the Diktator.

Deniz Tek
Great interview in Perfect Sound Forever, which links to a piece comparing his work to that of Artaud.

Television and Tom Verlaine
Santadog's wide-ranging resource.

Television and Tom Verlaine
The Wonder of things that come out of the UK.

Television and Tom Verlaine
Lean and mean. Just the facts.

Tennessee Beats
Beats us how they get a name like that in Scandinavia, but they cover the Hitmen's "Tell Tale Heart".

The Soundtrack of Our Lives
Neo-psych whatever. Defies pigeonholing.

Thirteenth Floor Elevators
The drummer Danny Thomas' site.

Michael Thimren
Former Johnny Thunders sideman, now making his own way.

Johnny Thunders Cyber Lounge
Victim of his own legend. Amazing resource but sadly about as active as JT these days.

Louis Tillett
Moody and rich music from one of Australia's best kept secrets.

Norway's finest exponents of out-of-the-closet deathpunk and darkness.

Union Carbide Productions
Wanna know where Sweden'scurrent wave of noisemakers took their lead? Try here and the Nomads' site.

Vanilla Chainsaws
Fan page for this underrated Sydney band

Velvet Underground
And more.

Sonny Vincent
Get acquainted with Pure Rock Action.

Voodoo Monkeys
Hard rockin' Crampsian psychobilly up-and-comers from Sydney

The Wonderfools
Stephanie Stewart's unofficial resource.

Neil Young
The ultimate resource. Land of the Rusties.

Twenty-five years of off-and-on sublime rock from these Sydney vets. Fan site. Long overdue.