(Who's dropped in for a drink at the I-94 Bar lately)




Dave Dictor of Millions of Dead Cops

Greg Prevost of The Chesterfield Kings

Eric Bloom of Blue Oyster Cult

Cyril Jordan of the Flamin Groovies

Pete Shelley of the Buzzocks

Carrie Phillis of Carrie Phillis and the Downtown 3

Stewart Cunningham of Leadfinger

Tony Sylvester of Turbonegro

Dick Taylor of the Pretty Things

Cypress Grove on the Jeffrey Lee Pierce Project

Keith Streng of the Fleshtones

Dave Faulkner of Hoodoo Gurus

James Williamson of Iggy & the Stooges

Paul Collins of Paul Collins Beat

Spanish band Los Chicos

Stoogeologist Robert Matheu

Evil Dick of Hits

Joey Backseat of Dollsquad

Jim Dickson (Passengers, Radio Birdman, Survivors) on his time with the Barracudas

Dictators drummer JP Thunderbolt Patterson
on his album "The LP Is Dead"

Bob Short talks to Jeremy Gluck of the Barracudas

Patrick Emery speaks with Black Joe Lewis

Patrick Emery gets the lowdown from King Khan

Earl O'Neill talks to Matt Verta-Ray of Heavy Trash

Patrick Emery chats with Steve Diggle of Buzzcocks

David Laing hooks up with Don Waller of US punk pathfinders the Imperial Dogs

The Barman talks to James Williamson of Iggy & The Stooges

The Barman talks to Mick Hadley of the Purple Hearts

Andrew Stafford interviews ex-Screaming Tribesman Mick Medew
of Mick Medew & The Rumours

The Barman chats with Dom Mariani about the end of the Stems

Screamin' Stevie of Screamin' Stevie & The Credit Union, the
Hekawis and Screamin' Stevie's Australia talks to the Barman

Patrick Emery speaks to Andrew Kavanaugh of
The Goodnight Loving

Roya Butler talks to Laurent Barnard of The Gallows

Patrick Emery talks to Melbourne Band The Dacios

J.J. Adams talks to the Lang Langs

Dave Parsons of Sham 69

Bobby Steele of The Undead and the Misfits

Steve Lucas of X on "X-Aspirations"

Carrie Phillis of the Booby Traps

Died Pretty guitarist Brett Myers on the "Free Dirt" re-issue

Dave Graney on the Dave Graney and the Lurid Yellow Mist
album "We Wuz Curious"

Van Campbelll and John Wesley Myers of
the Black Diamond Heavies

Johnny Casino on his new album
"I Am Who I Am, Not Who You Want Me To Be"

Ed Kuepper of the Saints and the Laughing Clowns
on All Tomorrow's Parties

Patrick Emery talks to French one-man band King Auto Matic

David Virgin of The Broken Toys, SPK and Sekret Sekret
takes us inside the early Sydney punk scene (two-part story)

Patrick Emery talks to Dave Gray of Rocket Science

Patrick Emery previews the Flip Out! Australian
garage and punk festival

Patrick Emery talks to Kim Salmon about "Blood Red River"
and the Don't Look Back festival dates

Niagara on Destroy All Monsters, Dark Carnival
and her one-off show with the Hitmen

Ron Peno on the re-birth of Died Pretty

Fred Cole of Pierced Arrows and Dead Moon

Johnny Kannis on the Hitmen reformation

Legendary John Cale

Ron Peno of the Darling Downs, Died Pretty
and The 31st

Ed Kuepper of solo artist, the Saints, Laughing Clowns and Aints

TJ Honeysuckle talks to people involved with the Lethal Weapons album

Drummer Richard Lawson of the Lime Spiders

Dom Mariani of The Stems

Stewart Cunningham of Leadfinger and Brother Brick

Michael Harley of the Seminal Rats

Lou Barlow of Dinosaur Jr

Shintaro Sakomoto of Japanese psych pop band Yura Yura Teikoku

Diamond Dave Butterworth of The Double Agents

Wendy Case of the Paybacks

Tex Perkins and Spencer P. Jones of the Beasts of Bourbon

Keizo of Japanese hardcore blues band the King Brothers

Kim Salmon on the new Scientists live album

David Johansen of the New York Dolls

Drummer Muchos Larmos of Brisbane punks The DangerMen

Steve Lucas of X on the 2007 shows

Tony Fate of the Bellrays

Brendan Suppression of Eddy Current Suppression Ring

James Baker of The Painkillers, Beasts of Bourbon,
Scientists, Hoodoo Gurus and Dubrovniks

UK Subs drummer Jamie Oliver

Ebbot Lundberg of TSOOL

Dave Studdert of Tactics

Deniz Tek wraps up Radio Birdman's
Zeno Beach tour

Toshi of Mach Pelican

Gary Slater of Voodoo Lust

Ben Michaels of The Sand Pebbles

Robert Matheu, Executive Producer of the Sonic's
Rendezvous box set

Steve Diggle of the Buzzcocks

Nick Nava & Mike Desert of San Francisco punks The Jack Saints

Sydney garage-blues band King Felix

New York Doll Sylvain Sylvain

JP Patterson of the Dictators talks about the
"Thunderboss" album

Ian Rilen in the studio

Radio Birdman's Deniz Tek
goes track-by-track
through "Zeno Beach"

Australian guitar great Lobby Loyde

Mick Blood of the LimeSpiders

Aki from Japan's Electric Eel Shock

Perth punk pioneer Ross Buncle
of The Geeks/The Hitler Youth/The Orphans

Dave Thomas of Tiger By The Tail and Bored!

Mick Collins of the Dirtbombs

J. Mascis and Lou Barlow
of Dinosaur Jr

Roger Grierson of Sydney punks the Thought Criminals

John Scott of The Mark of Cain

Ron Asheton of the Stooges

Seiji of Guitar Wolf on the band's return to Australia

Geoff and Ben Corbett of Six Ft Hick

The Return of the Visitors 2005:
Mark Sisto

Eagle of Brisbane '60s punk-soul rockers The Hekawis

Buffalo singer Dave Tice and guitarist John Baxter
by Steve Danno-Lorkin

Spencer P Jones of the Beasts of Bourbon,
Johnnys and his own bands

Scientists, ex-Surrealist and
ex-Beast of Bourbon
Kim Salmon

"Alternative Animals" Oz Punk history package Scott Anderson

Steve Nawara of the Detroit Cobras

Melbourne's Specimens front the Bar

Tom Loncar of The Intercontinental Playboys

The Cosmic Commander of
Johnny Casino's Easy Action

Danny McDonald

Johnny Kannis of the Hitmen
Chris Hollow of The Sand Pebbles

Wendy Case of The Paybacks

Mark Sisto of Vindicator Electro

French band Holy Curse

Scott Morgan of The Solution takes us through the "Communicate!" album track-by-track

Richard Burgman of the Sunnyboys, Shy Impostors and Saints

Kent Steedman of the Celibate Rifles

Martin Gordon of Sparks, John's Children, Jet and - briefly - the Rolling Stones

Max Contigiani of Italian band Loose

Perth band The M16s Deniz Tek's "3 Assassins"
European tour diary

Jackson Smith & Stephen Palmer of
Back in Spades

Ian Rilen of the Love Addicts and X

Mike Watt of the Minutemen and the Stooges

Deniz Tek talks about Radio Birdman's 2003-04 plans

Melbourne guitarist-singer Penny Ikinger on her new album

Streetwalkin' Cheetahs/Sweet Justice frontman Frank Meyer

Prime Movers singer Michael Erlewine on Iggy Pop's teenage band days

Underground Detroit rock photographer Sue Rynski

The Sheek of Sydney rockers Sheek the Shayk

Final part of our Tim Hemensley tribute, penned by Simon Li and I-94 Bar patrons

In Tribute: Ashley Thomson interviews a heap of people about the passing of quintessinal Australian rock 'n' roller Tim Hemensley

Mario Escovedo and Ken Mochikoshi Horne of the Dragons

Gregg Kostelich of the CynicsJonathan Sipes of Deep Reduction

The New Bomb Turks

The Royal Beat Conspiracy

New Christs, Barracudas, Pubert Brown Fridge Occurrence Louis Tillett, Radio Birdman etc. bass player Jim Dickson

Danny McDonald of the Danny McDonald Band, Stoneage Hearts and P76

Manager, promoter and compiler of "Tales of the Australian Underground" Tim Pittman

Steve and Art Godoy of Deniz Tek & The Golden Breed