Saturday October 3rd, 2009
Double Wide Bar, Dallas
, Texas

From TOM D. COUCH in Tulsa, Indian Territory, U.S.A.

It was a rainy, windswept evening as I was driving down the freeway towards downtown Dallas. I was on my way to the Double Wide club to see The Zeros.

As I drove along, it all seemed surreal. I've been a fan of the band for years. Within a few hours, I'd get to see the original line up play. In all honesty, I didn't think that that would ever happen.

Back in June, I was taken aback by the news of the show at Bar Pink in San Diego. Later, it was encouraging to see additional dates in Southern California added. In my mind, I thought that I'd have to travel to the West Coast or go to Europe to see them.

Then, out of the blue, there were two dates listed for Austin and Dallas, Texas. I absolutely knew that I'd be at the Dallas date.

So, there I was driving towards the club knowing that I'd get to see some of my favorite musicians play. And, to have them in the relative convenience of Dallas. Amazing.

As I walked into the Double Wide, I was directed to the performance area. There I paid an admission and walked through a curtain. And there, Lo and Behold, was the man himself. Javier Escovedo. He was sitting there on a booth seat with his guitar case.

I walked up to him and said "Javier, I'm Tom Couch from Tulsa". He looked up and simply said: "Have a Seat".

I may have missed the opening act Broken Gold. When I arrived, The Lash Outs were onstage. Their style was something like Pop/Rock which was tuneful. Up next was The American Fuse. Who had a more driving style of music. They played with a sure hand.

As Javier and I spoke with one another, more and more people were streaming into the club.

We sat together until he had to get ready to go onstage. The conversation came easily between us.

Javier told me of the good responses and good crowds that they'd enjoyed at their shows on the west coast. He mentioned that his brother Mario (formerly of The Dragons) was now their manager.

A little later, Baba Chenelle joined us. Javier introduced us. I told Baba: "It's a pleasure to finally meet you after all of these years".

Javier and I talked about The True Believers. The True Believers were the band that he had with his brother Alejandro during the 1980s. It was my good fortune to see them many times. As they played in Oklahoma City often.

He noted that during his time with The True Believers that he looked different than the other members of the band. He had long hair, wore makeup, and always wore a hat.

I can attest to the fact that The True Believers were an Electrifying live act. It has been written that Javier was the heart of that band. Which I believe is true.

Javier continued to tell me about the band's forthcoming European Tour. Which got us to talking about Spain. We touch on the various aspects of the culture and what he'd experienced first hand. He was saying that they'd been there so often that they knew where everything was.

During one of the European tours, he told me that he'd asked his wife to join him in Paris. After their visit, they took a train down to Spain. While in Spain, they visited Figueres, the city where Salvador Dali was from, and visited the Museum dedicated to him there.

I mentioned to Javier the bands that my brother Bob and I liked during the Punk Rock years. Which were The Zeros, The Avengers, and The Dils.

He related how he had worked, for a time, with Chip and Tony Kinman of the Dils. They worked with him on some of his songs a few years ago.

We had such an engaging conversation that Javier should consider writing a book about his career.

When The American Fuse finished playing, it was time for Javier to get ready to play. So, I told him that I'd talk with him after the show.

The Zeros started off with "Pipeline". Obviously, The Zeros grew up together. It certainly shows in their playing. In terms of the Energy level and communication as they make music together.

These are among the titles that they played during their set:

Don't Push Me Around
Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White (Standells cover)
Knockin' Me Dead
Cosmetic Couple
Beat Your Heart Out
Shannon Said
Lay Off, She's Mine
Wild Weekend
They Say (That Everything's Alright)

Javier, Robert, and Hector all sang songs. It was a really nice balanced set which I really enjoyed.

With regards to their playing, There should be mention of Hector Penalosa. His playing was solid.

To all of my friends abroad, you'll have a chance to see The Zeros perform, too. By all means attend one of their shows. I'm sure that you're all familiar with the West Coast punk rock history. Why not see and hear the genuine article?

To be sure, you won't be disappointed. I certainly had a wonderful time at the Double Wide with The Zeros.