The Casbah, San Diego, CA, USA
Thursday, June 21, 2007


Having traveled to San Francisco to see Radio Birdman play at the spacious Great American Music Hall last August, I now had a benchmark performance to compare this hometown show against.

I'm not sure if it was the absence of keyboardist Pip Hoyle (not on tour due to a family situation), the warm San Diego weather, lots of Mexican food consumption, free-flowing vodka and tequila or the more intimate setting but the band sounded tighter, harder, louder and faster than last year's show in San Francisco.

After the show Klondike commented that he felt musically they occasionally sounded similar to the Dead Kennedys and I would concur with that statement. Rob Younger was extremely animated (much more than the SF show), sang very well and had a possessed stare that looked eerie. I swore I heard him change the lyrics in "Do the Pop" to "Saw the Who and the MC5."

Twenty-one songs were played; eight from the first album, five each from the second and third records, and three surprise cover versions.

Given my current condition that both Deniz and Klondike are aware of, I had to chuckle when Deniz strummed the opening power chords on his new RIckenbacker and the band broke into a rousing version of the Who's "Circles." Deniz would later add that familiar Rickenbacker sound to a great take of the Kinks' "'Til the End of the Day."

The adrenaline rush from last year's San Francisco show was special because it was my first time seeing the band but watching this years' version ten feet from the stage in San Diego really let me experience the true power and exuberance that is Radio Birdman!

Smith & Wesson Blues
Do the Pop
Non Stop Girls
Hot Rails to Hell
You Just Make It Worse
We've Come So Far (To Be Here Today)
Crying Sun
Die Like April
Hand Of Law
Murder City Nights
Burn My Eye
Anglo Girl Desire
What Gives?
Aloha Steve and Danno

Breaks My Heart
Locked Up
'Til The End Of The Day
New Race