Posted June 17, 2009

Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, Adelaide
August 7, 2009


I didn’t need much persuading to go to this one. The return of the mighty X.

Touring on the back of a new live DVD, they made their way over to Adelaide and got stuck in on this Friday night.

Along with my trusty sidekick Pablo on board taking pix we got in just in time for Steve Lucas and the gang to rip into "TV Glue", kicking things off in style.

It wasn't too long before ‘Degenerate Boy’came up getting the rather sparse crowd involved. You hear the whinge
from time to time in Adelaide about bands not coming to town, but then no-one turns up anyway so why bother bleating about it.

Got to thinking when was the last time I saw this mob,would’ve been round ’89 or early '90 at the Espy in St Kilda. One thing that sticks out was how loud and menacing Ian Rilen’s bass was. Seemed to have a life of it’s own, funny how you remember some things. New bass bloke Kev McMahon has his own way about him and plays some pretty mean stuff none more so than on "The Feel", which has gotta be my fave X tune.

The horns aren’t here like on the record, but that’s all that’s missing.

You don’t see to many three pieces anymore - usually a band has a keyboard player or second geetar - but they are not needed here. X have enough power and melody and sheer bloody grunt to do away with the need for backup.

These guys have great feel to what they do with Cathy Green leading the charge on drums, the way she beats three shades out of her kit is something to behold.

The whole band go ballistic on "Oxford Street Nick" and "Lipstick" as well.

Let's hope they keep going for good 'cos there ain't no one like 'em anywhere.

I’ll leave the final word to Steve Lucas: ’This is the last song 'cos I think I’m having an aneurism." Well I’m happy to report he didn't.