Wrong Turn
+ Leadfinger
+ Richie and The Creeps
+ Ned Alphabet and The Letters
Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney
November 16, 2007


For those at Sydney's Lansdowne Hotel with more than a passing knowledge of the acts at tonight's gig, they'd would be aware that these acts were all making or building on new beginnings.

Ned Alphabet and The Letters, featuring Ned Matijasevic (ex-King Felix/Roll Cage/Freak Bros/Full Toss/Funeral Clowns) and his new folk/blues/country oriented music, boasted a rhythm section with bassist Stephen "Bones" Martin (ex-Deadly Hume/Missing Lin.k) Plugging in, live versions of recorded but unreleased songs such as "Townes" and "Baby Soul" take on a new life. They also draw a line through one of the key reference points for King Felix: Neil Young and Crazy Horse.

Ned Alphabet and The Letters also reclaimed songs performed and recorded by King Felix - "Good Authority '"and "Housing Commission Blues", the former closing out their set.

Richie and The Creeps (featuring ex-Tumbleweed singer Richie Lewis) have been rarely sighted previously by your reviewer until tonight. Although I'm not not familiar with the band's material (much of tonight's set was drawn from its self titled debut CDLP) these guys delivered some tasty, swampy high-energy rock.

Fellow 'Gong residents Leadfinger (featuring Stewart Cunningham) followed and played one of the best gigs your reviewer has seen since their formation. Highlights included "See You Tonight", "Rich Kids" and their take on the Chris Bailey-penned "Ghost Ships" with guest trumpeter Kaylee.

Wrong Turnis the duo of Ian Wettenhall (ex-Philisteins/Freeloaders/Seminal Rats/Sunset Strip/Hands of Time/Cantankerous/Stoneage Hearts/Lords of Gravity) on guitar and vocals and Todd McNear (ex-Seminal Rats/Slush Puppies/Hoss/Cantankerous//Powdermonkeys) on drums and vocals. They closed out tonight's gig, with Ian (to your reviewer's surprise) on guitar and playing some impressive 60's garage rock and 50s rock with like "Speed Ball" and "Skinny Minny".

A great night where various Oz rock veterans /re-established themselves with their new music.